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Winnie Powder

Does anyone know whether there is a simple way to test whether Winnie powder from Thailand is pure. A guy just sold me a lot of this stuff, but the powder tastes sweet?

I wish somebody would answer you because I was thinking about ordering some from the same guy. Here is a thought for you…
If you ordered 5 grams of powder, weigh it if you can. It may weigh well over 5 grams because it may be cut with something so that it is easier to estimate how much to put into a capsule. 2 mg or even 50 mg is a very small amount. I don’t believe you could ever estimate 1/500 of a gram. However, if each 50 mg actually weighed 500 mg after being cut with a filler, you could capsule it up much easier. Just a thought.

If you bought it 5-grams for $200, it is real. I’m thinking of using milk thistle as a filler and making a bunch of 12 mg winny caps.

The only real way for most people to “test”
those powders is to use them. Sorry, that’s
the real deal, unless you have access to
HPLC or AA equipment.

As a heads up, I just got word that the new packaging for the powders will include 1g of sugar for some reason related to packaging it.

Ask the source why, not me.


Hey wolf, how long did it take to get your gear?