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Winnie/EQ Stack or Winnie/Deca Stack?


I'm wanting to start a cutting cycle. I'm thinking about either Winnie with EQ or Winnie with DECA.

I am 6'6" 270 about 19% Body Fat just wondering what you guys think would be better for me


EQ and Deca are both pretty long estered compounds (assuming you are talking about EQ undec and not EQ ace)...while both can be used to assist in cutting, I would go for shorter estered compouds if you have access to them.

I'd personally recommend something like:

test prop weeks 1-8 70-75mg ed
winstrol oral 50mg ed weeks 1-4 or 4-day before beginning pct

adex .25mg eod

pct of nolva

either way it would be optimal to have some testosterone in the mix because neither Deca nor EQ aromatize very much.

If you are bent on using a nandrolone, you should look into npp


Reading newbie cycles that dont include test has taken years off of my life.