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Winni Oral /Test Injectable, First Cycle

I have my cycle and am waiting to begin, but I do not want to start until I have everything figured out planning wise. I would like answers to the many questions I have, I basically want somebody to write me out a specific plan, but that would be to good to be true.

I know I should start the Test first, but how far in should I start the Winstrol?

What do you think in your opinion, is the best amount of mg`s of the Test I should take per injection?

When exactly should I start my SERM (Nolvadex)?

What else would you stack with the Nolvadex in order to maximize the quality of the PCT?

Should I make the PCT stretch as long as the cycle was or longer?

If you can answers these questions from your knowledge and experience, it would be greatly appreicated. I am looking for the most knowledge possible before starting. Thank You.