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Winni Dosages (Is it possible)

Is it possible to take winni v, 1-300mg shot every 5 days instead of 3-100mg shots every other day for 5 days??

No, you can’t (shouldn’t) inject 6 mL in one shot, which
is what 300 mg would be.

At least according to the veterinary claims,
the duration of action is long enough to
get away with injecting every 5 days, but
it really is not that great an idea in my
opinion. Much easier to do one painless,
no-scar-tissue 1 cc injection per day with a 29 gauge then a scar-tissue-producing, probably
painful 3 mL injection.

No, you will change the AUC doing this and
while it might be effective, it will not be
NEARLY as effective as using 50mg/day.