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Winners & Losers of Election

This from News Max"

Of course, the big winners of the election are President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.
And the big losers are Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards.

Now it?s time to look at the rest of the dazzlers and duds:

The Other Big Losers

  1. Terry McAuliffe ? Most of the pundits and nattering nabobs have been bizarrely leery of discussing the biggest loser of the 2004 election, but the Clintonista chairman of the Democratic National Committee ?earns? this booby prize for having presided over a string of elections that have destroyed his party.

  2. Dan Rather ? The CBS anchorman’s multiple blatant attempts to damage President Bush with outrageously biased propaganda and faked ?documents? is one of the most shameful things that took place in 2004.

  3. George Soros ? All the king?s billions and all the king?s goons couldn?t make the American people accept John Kerry.

  4. Michael Moore ? His constant, hateful attacks on the president backfired and motivated Middle America to crowd the voting booths in record numbers.

  5. Tom Daschle ? The Senate obstructionist tried to fool the people of South Dakota by running campaign ads showing him hugging President Bush. It didn?t work.

  6. Teddy Kennedy ? As NewsMax reported, he was the power behind John Kerry. Kerry?s run was Kennedy?s last hurrah.

  7. Kitty Kelley ? Her trashy book smearing the Bush family was a dud.

  8. Bruce Springsteen ? A whole generation loves The Boss? music, but they hate his politics. Bruce should stick to his guitar and read Frederick Hayek before his next foray into politics.

The Other Big Winners

  1. Zell Miller ? Member, Pantheon of American Heroes. This brave senator was one of the few Democrats to realize the urgency of the war on terrorism and the failures of his party.

  2. Rudy Giuliani ? Even though he differs from President Bush on some issues, ?America?s mayor? earned his nickname by campaigning hard and well for the GOP ticket in the heartland.

  3. Hillary Clinton ? John Kerry?s failure makes her the Democrats? front-runner for 2008. Her semi-moderate voting record in the Senate shows she has her eye on the White House.

  4. Ed Koch ? An ever-popular Democrat, Hizzoner never pretended to agree with President Bush on social or economic issues, but he recognized ? and courageously declared ? America?s security trumps politics.

  5. Karl Rove ? President Bush?s ?Brain.? Enough said.

  6. Jeb Bush ? Considering what happened in 2000, the president’s substantial win in Florida in 2004 is a credit to the First Brother.

  7. Joe Lieberman ? The senator from Connecticut lost the Democrats’ primaries. But President Bush said Lieberman was the only Democrat who could have beaten him. Lieberman will become a more powerful voice in his party.

  8. Dick Morris ? When all the pundits said the race was just too close to call, guru Morris consistently said Bush would win. On election night, Morris was the first commentator to call the race for Bush ? which he did on NewsMax.com.

Who do you T-Men think are the biggest winners and losers of the 04 election? Perhaps you agree with the above.

The Federalist Society [of which I am a dues-paying member] – their recommendations will likely count for quite a bit in picking the next Supreme Court justices.