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I just read that I was a winner in Tim’s Behind the Scenes Contest from a few weeks ago and just want to tell T-Mag thanks!! I can’t wait to get my package in the mail. I have never tried Power Drive so I am looking very forward to it!! Thanks again T-Mag from someone proud to be a part of T-NATION!!

I’m stoked. I’m even going to give up beer for a week or two. My MMA club is sponsored by Advocare… can’t wait to wear my Testosterone shirt to class. Getting up a 4 am is a bitch, so I am looking forward to trying the Powerdrive.

I a winner too! Happy! Good things with supplement goodness! Powerdrive for driving forward with great distance! Super Tribex for being not unmanly and keeping unmanly away with M! GROW! both powder and bars to be big!

MBE: "Had the urge to relpy in Japanamation mode since 2088."


I hate you both.

Ok, maybe not, but I wish it had been me! Good luck, guys!