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Wings an Acceptable Cheat Meal?

i’m just curious as to what you guys think about wings as a cheat meal. every tuesday night i use my cheat meal at a place called buffalo wild wings cuz their wings are only 35 cents that night, getting between 18-20 wings. it’s really filling, and it is very lightly fried, but it’s nonetheless chicken.

this is the only cheat meal i’ve eaten in about 5-6 weeks now, just cuz i don’t have any desire for ice cream or pizza when it comes to a cheat meal. would you guys say flavored very lightly fried wings is a better cheat meal that any of that other stuff?

I thought the idea of a cheat meal was that it’s a gimme. Don’t worry about it. If you’re doing everything else right I don’t think it would fuck you up.

It’s a CHEAT meal. Enjoy it.

It’s one of my favorites, so that’s easy for me to say since it helps validate my consumption of said product…

Is that even considered a cheat? hahaha…

My cheat every week is a whole 14" pizza post workout… FUCK YEAH…

I don’t even consider wings a cheat. It’s just a P+F meal really. Especially if their unbreaded and the sauce doesn’t have sugar.

I’ve wondered whether to even consider wings off-diet, since if they’re not breaded, they’re just about zero carb. That said, they’re loaded in oil and saturated fat, are about 9 zillion calories and officially qualify as Greasy Sticks of Death, so low-carb or not they just don’t seem “right” from any dietary perspective.

But for a cheat meal? Anything goes.

Fuck yeah. If a man can’t enjoy some chicken wings, he might as well eat a bullet!

First of all, fuck yeah BW3’s is one of the greatest places on earth. When i moved to Ohio, i lucked into having one like 3 blocks away from, on sundays i usually call up on sunday for my order, pick it up and then come back to the house to watch football and enjoy my cheat meal.

Wait a sec…did I accidentally go to the Men’s Health forum?

What are your goals? If you’re losing weight, they’re probably ok, but not so many. If you’re bulking, go ahead and eat up.

cheat = what the hell ever you want

Yeah I eat tons of chicken wings. Unbreaded and with just tabasco on them, they’re no-carb or low-carb. Of course, I’m a 19 y/o college athlete with a ridiculous metabolism so take my advice with a grain of salt.

Downside of wings:
-Very calorically dense
-Lots of saturated fat

Upside of wings:
-Very calorically dense