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Wingpspan Question


So I'm curious as to what your wingspan should be relative to your height, is it supposed to be the same? Maybe some of you can list your wingspan. I just read wiki on probably best discus thrower of all time Virgilijus Alekna and he is 6'7 yet his wingspan-apparently- is almost 7'4( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgilijus_Alekna ).

I can't measure what mine is now, so I'm wondering if your wingspan is supposed to be much larger then your height because that seems very big difference for alekna.


height - 74"
wingspan - 78"


Your wingspan is usually your height plus a few inches.


That is true. But some times they are slightly shorter. Just look at the spans of some boxers or other fighters and you will notice they are almost never their height.


Yeah, you're right. Then there are a lot of basketball and football players that have wingspans equal to or greater than their height. Jevon Kearse comes to mind, he's 6'4" I think with a slightly longer wingspan, which is partly why he's called "The Freak."


If it's not the same as your height, you have cancer.


It's supposed to be your height, within a couple of inches.

But, with pro athletics it's kind of a different scope. Lots of pro basketball players that are ~6'8 have 7'0 wingspans, because it is advantageous for the sport, and at that level, you are less likely to see the guys that didn't have that advantage. ya know?

Manute Bol, the tallest player in NBA history was 7'7" and he had an 8'6" wingspan. But that was probably some sort of growth defect considering he was only 200 pounds. (let those numbers sit with you for a minute, then look him up on google)

But yes, if it's any longer than your height... you have cancer... both kinds.


I think mine is shorter actually.


78" tall
81" wingspan

DaVinci gave this kind of stuff some serious thought...


Height: 69 inches
Span: 72 inches

Looks like I've got the cancer.


Oh... I thought this was a thread about lat width. duh.


70 tall by 75 wide.


height 79"
Wingspan 79.5"


Height: 69"
Wingspan: 68.75"