Winging Scapula

in a resistance training course yesterday, i was told that i have no control of my scapula.
the tests were watching my shoulder blades during the eccentric part of a cable row, soon as i begin “lowering” the weight my right scapula “flops” out…i have no feeling of this but i was used as an example for the class to watch.

another test was trying to touch my hands together behind my back ie one arm going up over my head and the other up behind my back, once again my scapula were sticking right out of my back, nobody else who did these tests were even close.

how can i fix this?
what exercises?

check out Don Alessi’s early articles from the mag. He talks about this particular condition at length, and offers some pretty specific remedies. good luck.

You sure it’s not neurological?

kslats is right with the recommendation to read Alessi’s article ‘Booming Biceps-part 2.’ He gives a detailed exercise sequence to strengthen the scapular retractors. In addition to this, you may want to try performing scapular retraction control drills. Using a cable row, low-pulley, or resistance bands, practice squeezing(retracting) your shoulder blades together. In the start position, your scapulae will be flared(protracted) and the end point your scapulae will be fully retracted. Use a slow slow concentric and eccentric tempo with a long isometric contraction(3-0-2-2 should work well). Keep the reps high and time under tension well over a minute.

You may also want to prioritize horizontal pulling(rows and other variations) for a while and back off with the amount of horizontal pushing(bench press etc.) your currently performing.

i suffered from from a long thorasic nerve palsy. it basically shut down my right side.
my scapula winged something terrible.lost size and strength. they said that since the serratus was weakened from the palsy,this was why my scapula was winging. you might want to work on that muscle.

Focus on rowing type movements while keeping the shoulder blades retracted. Also, begin to do isolated external rotator cuff work.

hi, you could train the serratus anterior muscle to solve the problem.
it lies underneath the scapula (originates from medial rim of it) holding the shoulder bladr tight on the rib cage.
exercise of choice would be the reverse shoulder wide grip bench press with extended elbows. lower weight then lift by protracting your shoulders and add a static hold for a few counts, repeat a few times. make sure there’s nothing wrong (neurologically)with the n. thoracicus wich enervates that region.
good luck, johannes

In my understanding and in fact personal experience winging scapular is influenced by 3 muscle , pec minor- serratus anterior and lower trap (neurological factors aside) that is the pec minor is too tight and the lower traps and serratus anterior are weak or not activating. Stretching pec minor in between prone lower trap raises is a good start. To strengthen the serratus anterior try inclined front raises. Before this do isometric contractions of the serratus anterior to ?prime ?the muscle. You can do this by lying on your back head facing a wall. Imagine your doing a ? shoulder press by pushing into a swiss ball or medicine ball that is against the wall.
Hope this helps you, it help me heaped me with mine and also helped by bench press and anterior glide (pain in the front of shoulder after benching)

just curious, but did y’all notice the date on this thread is 3 years old?