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Winging Scapula and Horizontal-Vertical Press


Hi guys, I've done a search in the forum but I am still confused..
I have a scapula winging problem and I know the problem is caused by short pectoralis minor.I usually do streching and I perform scaption in the workout routine and push-up plus in the day off to strenghten the serratus. So I do isolation serratus exercises about 4-times per week with 2-3 sets.I think probably it's enough.. Am I right??

In which exercises the pectoralis minor is involved?? It's necessary to avoid any form of vertical/horizontal/incline press??



mmm nobody knows??


Ok..It doesn't matter ahah


How do you know that YOUR case of scapular winging is caused by a short pec minor?


I don't know.. I read that winging scapula is caused also by the pectoralis minor.
I already do serratus strengthening exercises