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Wingin' It 2020 - Pinkylifting log

What is this? Found one video of a guy doing a one-legged squat in a power rack with an SSB when Googling.

Basically I CBA to go back to doing proper pistol squats, I don’t have the mobility without my squat shoes, so it means pistols while.i hold onto a bar for balance, so my legs rather than stability limit reps

Dorsiflexion improving as a result?

Only done it for one session as a Hatfield style, but doing pistols through summer didn’t do anything for it. I don’t have that bad d-flexion though, knee well past my toes, so I’m not sure that’s actually the limiting factor. More likely tight (weak) hamstrings, but basically I tend to fall backwards so better D-flex feels like the easiest solution, or at least the most direct.

A few of the exercises here opened up some additional dorsiflexion for me

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Lockdown 3 - workout 2
Ring push-ups
BW x 35 x 3

Double band high row
2" x 20 x 3

Hatfield Pistol Squats
BW x 15 x 3

Reverse Lunges
BW x 20 x 3