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Winged Scapula and Rounded Shoulders

I Have rounded shoulders. I am pulling them back into what looks like a normal position I am also doing some excercises. My shoulders hurt when pulled back is this normal or am I pulling them back to far.

I also believe I have winged scapula. If a place my arm on my lower back and reach upwards my scalpels protrudes outwards. Does this mean I have winged scapula? I can post pics if needed.

Sorry for all of the questions.

Pictures would be useful.

Suffer from this myself. After trying to correct the issue for numerous years, I have managed to minimise the winging. I have achieved this through various corrective exercises and learning to retract and depress my scapula.

Try to get your hands on a copy of NASMs Corrective Exercise book. Failing that just follow their corrective exercise continuum:

Inhibit- Pecs
Lengthen- Pecs
Activate- Mid/lower Traps and Rhomboids

Hope this helps, ask anymore questions if needed. Never apologise for asking questions, we are all here to learn!