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Wine Thread


Oh Hai! so once in a while I like to sip a glass of wine with dinner. My favs seem to be in the cabernet family. I also like a Pino Nior.

What amazes me is the flavor combinations, I'm looking over a list not to long ago and one bottle is boasting deep grap and berry flavors with the finish of tanned leather. WTF! Another had coffe bean and cigar as flavors. Who comes up with this?

What purpley goodness do you enjoy?



Grape Drink


Obviously you're not from my 'hood...it's Purple Drank!



I am not an expert but if you don't mind the opinion of an average guy, my favorites are:

Cabernet sauvignon - Chateau Ste. Michelle
Chianti classico - Gabbiano
Pinot Noir - Cavit collection

what I like to do is check out the wine list at a restaurant I respect, figuring they know more than I do, then pick up something from their list later rather than pay their outrageous prices.

reds are my favorites, unfortunately, moderation is not my strong suit so I have little use for a cork once it is pulled - been trying to stay away from alcohol but it sure is good...


Judge me, I don't care, but I much prefer this thread to the Beer thread.

Favorite wine for a big night or classy dinner? Opus One

Favorite wine for a cheap mellow night at home or stay in date? Toasted Head Cabernet Sauvignon

I semi despise those who are overly snobby in regards to wine, but I would like to become more educated on the topic.


Do those airator things do anything or are they just a gimmick? Anyone have any experience with them?



one of these doohickeys.



I've had a few Spanish wines I really like: Rojo and Garnache are two I really like

I like Shiraz but not really a fan of Cabernet Sauvignon

There's a tapas and wine bar downtown that has "flights" ... that's a good way to experiment with what flavors work with what food and see what you like.

As far as a good dessert wine: Madeira wine is awesome .. we have tons of it around here

as far as the airator things go: I'm not too sure.


Yes. They mimic decanting and, in my experience, can make a cheaper bottle of wine taste like a mid-range bottle of wine.


Very interesting, how much does a decent one cost?


Mine wasn't cheap....75 dollars IIRC


It's pretty steep, especially since I rerely drink wine at home, it's really an "out to eat" beverage for me. Maybe some day when I get off all the beer i'll look for one.



Just open your bottle earlier, let it breathe for a bit, and give it a good swirl in the glass. There, I just saved you 75 bucks.

If you are going to splurge on something, get quality glasses. Reidel makes great ones, with a nice thin rim and good size and shape.

Here's what I drank last night:

I'm in that ^^^^^ wine club. A much better deal than buying at the store or especially restaurant, especially if you drink wine regularly. If you are buying wine at a restaurant, you are paying 3-4X what you would from a wine club or a place like BevMO. Its almost always cheaper to bring your own and pay the corkage (if its legal where you live). Even a pricey corkage like $15 is still cheaper than the markup.




Yeah, sometimes you do have to just go for the giant Capri-Sun pouch of fun.


Most people say they notice a difference but I still think it's a gimmick. I have a family friend that owns a winery and he doesn't use one, so I don't think it's necessary.


Are there any good wine rating sites? Review sites? Also, anybody have any suggestions for books that are good in regards to wine tasting, and the wine making process?


www.tv.winelibrary.com Daily updates and reviews-usually 3 new reviews per day on video.

Stopped drinking beer July 4th so this is more my style. Last one I had was Barefoot Moscato (cheap) and tasted nothing like any white wine or alcohol for that matter, just peachy. Have a bottle of Columbia-Crest Riesling lying around waiting to be drank sometime after the bulk, it's a mid-range. I prefer white wines, can't speak anything about reds. Currently unable to drink any due to drinking a gallon of milk a day and eating tons of ground beef + whey.

Terrazo is still one of the best whites I've tried, and about $8-9, harder for me to find.
Barefoot Pinot Grigio was like poison hitting my palate.
Frontera Sauvignon Blanc was indentical to champagne, must've sold me an old product(??)
Anything Gallo Family is cheap, girly-therefore easy on the palate.
That's all the names that are coming to my head right now, too many I've tried in a short period...


I've tried a couple different Barefoot's and hated all of them.