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Wine making dextrose for post-workout

This is kind of stupid to ask, but I do so b/c the stuff is so damn cheap. I was a grocery store the other day and they had a huge 5 lb bucket of “Corn starch Dextrose” for wine making for about $3.99. Does anyone know what the hell the stuff is and if it could be used as a cheap sugar post-workout?

I realize you probably think I’m nuts, but I just had to ask.

This method of aquiring dextrose is widely espoused, by the likes of Charles Poliquin, among others.

…maybe not so nuts after all! Thanks Ike. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

Just curious though… is there a place one can buy sodium & potassium to mix with it, to make a better workout drink?

Hey, that’s a good idea! What section of the grocery store is that stuff in?

Patman- I don’t know about every grocery store, but in Canada we have ‘The Real Canadian Superstore’ and it’s just in the wine and beer making section. I suspect that specialty wine making shops would also have it too. I haven’t checked yet, but I suspect walmart and safeway would also have it.
I figure if I can get my hands on some Na+/K+ and then just take some supplemental calcium with the dextrose and whey, I’ll have a cheap workout drink.

If you can think of a place to get hold of K+ and Na+, I’d love to hear it!

“Brew your Own Beer” stores also sell Barley Malt Extract at dirt cheap. Dan Duchaine believed that this carb source was the best to use with creatine in a post workout beverage.

“Low sodium” tomato Juice (V8 or other brands) is a great source of potassium. 8 oz contains about a full gram (1000mg) potassium chloride, with very little sodium. Check it out.