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Wine Festival


Just got home from the Maryland Wine Festival...It was awesome. $25 all you can drink samples from what seemed like over 40 vineyards...Anyone else get to enjoy the shit show?


I have red wine about twice a a year.

Wine is one of those things where I have 3 glasses and then my teeth feel soggy or something and i just can't take any more.
I can drink silly amounts of beer and whiskey, but wine no.

Also, when I have red wine I just drink it without making that appraisal face. As though I know shit about wine.


Now that I am working at BevMo, I get to do free wine and craft beer tasting every Saturday and Sunday after work. That and the employee discounts are about the only positives to the job...those and the occasional hot ass girls who come in and I get to flirt with haha

We're they all local vineyards or was it a national/international tasting?


Nards: I know what you mean man I am not a wino at all, and after the 40th sample my tongue felt like it had been in a pickle jar for the last month. However, there were at least 30,000 people there and it was a total blast. Granted it was no woodstock or burning man but it was quite a blast. Next weekend is the Maryland Microbrew festival...

benos4752: I know what you mean man in college I worked at a liquor store and while I hated it and it was depressing as anything the employee discount was wonderful! This festival was all the vineyards in Maryland so we missed out on my personal favorite wine which is the red zinfindel...


There's another one coming up I wouldn't mind going to