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Windsor/ Ft. Collins Colorado Gym?


I'm thinking of putting a gym in my basement if I can not find one. I am looking for a place with a couple power cages, Trapbar deadlift bars, thick bars and so on. A place where I can use some chalk and not get thrown out. Is there such a place? If any one know please let me know thanks.


There are two gyms in the Denver metro area that have strongman equipment and would more than likely let you do all that you would like to do. I'm sure, however, that you would not want to drive all the way down from Ft. Collins. I don't know of any "hardcore" gyms in Ft. Collins.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with investing in your own basement gym. Jesup Gym on the Internet will sell you a trap bar for $120 and that includes shipping from Iowa. I've seen plenty of inexpensive squat racks on the Internet. Obviously if you want better quality you'll need to spend more, but in the end what you have is "your gym." It's always open, there's no one doing curls in your squat rack, and no scary naked guys walking around the locker room. I have a basement gym and couldn't be happier.


Thanks for the info Mike. I will check out the Trapbar and probably invest in my own equipment. Thanks agian for your time.


I lived in Ft. Collins for 6 years while I went to CSU...I don't believe there is a good powerlifting gym there, unfortunately...I was lucky that I got to train in the varsity weight room at CSU...i have a friend up there who competes in strongman events, i'll try and get ahold of him and let you know what I dig up...


Thanks for all the help guys. It looks like I am going to be building my own basement of iron. Any recomendations on a power rack? Thanks in advance. Let me know if you get ahold of your friend


The cheapest rack I've seen is a Body Solid rack for under $300 and that included shipping. Run a search on Google as different places offer different deals and different times. The specs say it can hold 1,000 lbs. Is it good? I have no idea - I just know it's cheap. For high end stuff, Dave Tate at Elite will sell you a top quality rack.

Also, the two gyms around Denver have daily membership rates - something like $5 per day. You could do your basic lifting at home, then a few weekends each month you could go to one of these gyms. I called both of these places several months ago because I had wanted to play around with some strongman equipment. I haven't managed to go yet. One of the gyms has bumper plates and platforms for Olympic lifting. Go to the NA Strongman site and use their "find a gym" function and you'll get the location.

Let me know if you plan to come down and I may join you for a workout.