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WIndows Updates

I’m just wondering if all these automatic Windows updates I get notified of are worth following through with? Any computer people have any suggestions? Initially I’d think yes, but I thought I vaguely remember someone saying not to do them. Advice?

Depends. Click on the button that says ‘details.’ If it’s a security update, then go ahead and install it. Otherwise, only install if it’s something you think you might need.

The updates are typically security patches to fix vulnerabilities, and I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to install them. Most people have trouble with the idea of letting Microsoft into their machine, but if you’ve set the automatic updates up so that they download automatically and notify you when ready to install (which is the default setting), your computer has already contacted Microsoft and the “damage” has been done.
It seems that most of the people that complain about this are also pirating software, so they have reason to worry. If you’re legal, it shouldn’t be an issue.

The only reason I can think of not to use them is if you’re using a pirated version of windows XP, I read on slashdot that windows blocked the CD-key that was commonly used with the pirated version (known on the net as Devilsown) was blocked with SP-1. THey aren’t really that important unless you’re worried about security, although if you’re on the net, I’d get them, they make you less vulnerable to viruses and worms.

A hacker group called “The Blue List” has made a key-generator to generate valid product keys for Windows XP, effectively eliminating Microsoft’s block on pirated XP copies in Service Pack 1. I’m sure if you tried hard enough, you can find it somewhere online…

As stated previously, it’s a good general rule to install the security updates. I would install the other things if you need them or use them (like updates for Windows Media Player…I hate WMP and don’t use it, so I make sure not to download anything for it).

The updates do not send any information that would indicate if you have pirated software, you can be running a copied version of Windows and it will still do the updates.

Installing the security patches will help curtail the spread of viruses so I would recommend always installing them.

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