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Windows Media Player Help?


I'm not sure why but all of a sudden I can't get video's to play on any sites I visit. It says ready but when I press play it doesn't play. So I clicked on the screen and went to error details... and this is what it said. Not sure if this is the reason or what but could someone please try to help me out?

'The source filter for this file could not be loaded.'

This is really annoying me. I was trying to play some music video's and get them on myspace but they refuse to play. Please help!


Not exactly sure what your problem is, but I've had good luck with Real Alternative. Search for and download it from a site you trust. It'll play Real Audio stuff without installing their crappy computer-halting player, and it also includes a barebones classic version of Windows Media Player. If I ever have a problem with a video, I just right click on it and open it with that. Almost always works.


What platform and browser are you using?


IE & Windows XP

I'm not interested in getting something else just fixing what I have but thanks for the help. Can someone help me please?


That happened to me awhile back. This basically means that a new version has come out. Make sure that you update all your media players. For some reason when my quicktime player wasn't updated my Windows media player wouldn't pick up on videos either. Hope this helps.