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Windows 7


So here I am installing Windows 7 again. so far I'm impressed with the stability and speed of it. I've been using the Beta since it was officially released (I don't get operating systems off torrents so waited for the legit one) in my main laptop working every day and it's as stable and reliable as Vista 64 bit. I'm upgrading all but one desktop to 7, that one I'll reinstall after the RTM comes out.

Anyone contemplating either an upgrade or a new system when Windows 7 is released? Or anyone already using it now?


I've been happy with the beta since it came out. So much so, I'm not even real motivated to load the RC.. guess I will be when it expires. It smokes on my i7.


Yea I plan on getting it since its 64 bit. Windows aren't offering the beta anymore though, wasn't sure if I should get the torrent or not.

Glad it sound good. I'm still using XP so time for an upgrade.


I'm still using XP, and have been holding out for a decent new version of Windows.

Hopefully Windows 7 is "The One".


Get the Release Candidate. It's available now until July. Go here: