Window of Opportunity Training with TRT?

I am about to start treatment of TRT.

I have been reading as much as I can, but one thing said at the clinic I still cant find the answer to.

One of the advisers said there is a window of opportunity for lean mass and strength gain with TRT.
They said the first couple of months you will gain more strength and muscle mass and then the results will taper off the longer you are on treatment.

They were suggesting going for more of a heavy hypertrophy program to capitalize on this period.

Is this a myth. Will I still be able to gain muscle/strength 20, 100, 200 weeks in the future if I stay on TRT (I am obviously comparing this to my low levels right now…I dont expect steroid like gains, just gaining like a normal person)


Your gains will be superior than they otherwise would be with low T permitting your diet and training are in order, you keep your e2 in check and don’t have any underlying problems like hypothyroidism.

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I made good and fast gains during my first few months on TRT. After that I continued to make gains but only very slowly.

A few months ago I improved my exercise routine and also increased my TRT dose. I have seen more gains. I am almost 3 years on TRT.

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It depends on your TRT dose and if you have control of your estrogen. If you’re taking 200mg IM then your own production, albeit low on its on, will shut down and you will get a decrease in T. Also, if you don’t keep your estrogen in check then your free T will be lower. So, from these standpoints they are correct, you do have about a couple of months window of opportunity.
Keep your estrogen in check and get some labs and up your TRT if you desire and the gains will keep coming.
But you won’t gain like that forever. There are limits.

Age, genetics, diet, training program, other health issues will all affect your outcome. There’s a lot more to building muscle mass than T levels.