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Window for a Post-Workout Meal

 Hello all, I've been reading T-Nation for a while but only now needing to ask a question that I didn't see addressed before.  A little back ground info, I was in great shape in college, 7% bodyfat 5'9" 185lbs., messed up my back and was out of commission for a few years.  

Now as I start getting back into shape I realize I no longer have the metabolism of a 21 year old and have to really watch what I eat and when I eat it. this brings me to my question.

I have read alot of posts about the importance of the post workout meal/shake, and almost everything I read states that its very important for this meal to be within 30-45 minutes of the end of my workout.

well here’s the rub, my goal is to slim down the bodyfat, gain some lean muscle while being able to rebuild my endurance. I am shooting for a “spirit” triathalon in Sept and have been running after I lift weights to get that endurance back.

My worry is that running for 20-30 minutes after weights and the drive home will put that post workout shake at 45-1 hour after I stop lifting. Will I have missed the window on this, or just lessened the effectiveness of it?

I run after weights for a few reasons, thats where it will be in the tri, and I sweat like a pig in Vegas while running so lifting after running isn’t really an option. If anybody knows or has ideas I would love to hear them, just be easy on the new guy.

Average Joe

I would have something a shake like Surge or at least a crab beverage RIGHT after then the food


There is no workout window for resistance training. I inadvertently blew that myth out of the water here:


If you’re training for performance then it’s a good idea to consume dilute carbs during training, and a slow release protein well before.

you certainly did, thanks that is exactly what I was hoping to find out.