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Win Liquid Drinkable?

i read that because the oral and injectable are identical, that you can orally injest Win in place of injecting - Is this true?


I’m pretty sure Winstrol can be taken orally, but I’m not sure if there’s a difference between the kind you stick in and the kind you choke down.

I would think if you have the option of injecting I’d do it to avoid liver toxicity issues.

yep you can but why… better to inject for a number of reasons.

You can drink the inject / better to inject, but if you buy winny that is from an UG lab most times it is oral only - ask whoever you buy from.
good rule of thumb if you can shoot it you can drink it.With winny anyway

It is the exact same steroid, in pill form or in a water suspension. There are no changes at all to the molecule.

The only difference is in the method of administration.

One way is to take it orally, where it is absorbed in your GI

The other way is to inject it, where it is absorbed from your muscles.

In both cases, the drug makes its way into the blood stream, and makes its way throught the liver where the 17-AA molecule is removed, making the steroid active. Ther is absolutely no difference in action, or liver toxicity of the drug by either route.

One thing to note however is that the half life of winny is not entirely known when injected, as it takes time for the crystals in the muscle to disolve, and reach the blood stream. I believe UPJOHN - a Canadian Vet brand, has stated the product only needs use once a week. I personally have never tried that, and always used to inject my zambons on a daily basis.

As for oral winny, keep in mind that some of it will be destroyed or not absorbed in the GI, so more needs to be taken per dose.

The half life of oral winy is about 9 hours, so it only needs to be taken in two doses per day to be really effective.

On a dollar to dollar approach however, oral winny is always more affordable.