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Wimpy's Training/Progress Log

I guess this goes here. Let’s see: I started lifting nearly 1 year ago to the day. Before that I was an avid runner and looked the part - around 6 foot (I usually measure between 5’11 and 6’0) and 155 pounds. Sure I had some visible abs, but I also had visible ribs!

I really wish I had taken some pics from when I started, but the thought never occured to me. In the last year I made some good progress, but the last few months I’ve lost sight of my goals. I was neither eating or training well. So, I’ve started this log to keep track of where I’ve been keep me moving forward.

So, what is my goal? Quite simply, more lean mass. Right now my measurements are----

Waist - 37.25"
Abs - 37.50"
Chest - 44"
Arms - 14.25"
Legs - 25.50"
Calves - 15.50"

6 month goals: +1.5" to arms, 20 lbs of lean mass, bench 225lbs x 10 (currently 170lbs x 10), deadlift 455x1 (currently 355x1).

Training: Basic push/pull via http://www.T-Nation.com/article/bodybuilding/the_pushpull_workout&cr=

Diet: Energy intake is roughly based on Berardi’s massive eating (5700 calories/day). I’ll adjust up or down as needed(probably down). Primary foods will be meats, fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy, healthy fats and oils. Meals will be p/f or p/c and protein intake will be about 1g/lbs of LBM/day.

Supplementation: 5g creatine PWO, Surge post and peri-workout. Casein-blend protein powder pre-sleep. 3g/day EPA/DHA.

I won’t be updating this everyday. Maybe if I hit a notable PR or one of my goals. Otherwise I’ll be updating this if I make a modification to my training, diet, or supplementation and I’ll be adding new progress pics every 2 weeks or so.

I won’t lie, I look fairly terrible at the moment. But, hell, nobody started out huge and shredded. All I can do is have faith in my training and nutrition.