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Wimpy Chest

Alrighty… I’ve got a wimpy chest. I think that it may be due to the fact that I’ve got such long arms (I’m 6’7") and whenever I bench, I mostly workout my tri’s. Any good ideas on hardening up a chronically soft chest juch as mine would be greatly appreciated.

use a wider grip bench, pre-exhaust triceps, to make them weak, do supersets of presses followed by flyes. use dumbells to get full range motion and full stretch at the bottom position. make sure you get a good negative and at least a one second pause at the bottom. laters pk

Keep your arms out straight – so that they are parallel with the bar. Then focus on pushing your upper arms up instead of your forearms/hands. Works for me, I had the same problem although I’m not as tall as you are.

dips, dips, dips!!! don’t EVER pre-exaust you tri’s if you are trying to hit your chest. maybe pre-exaust you CHEST so your tri’s are stronger then your chest but people that recommend the reverse are DUMB!!peace