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Wilson's Syndrome

I did some research and I think I am suffering from Wilsons syndrome, cold hands and feet, low sex drive, depression, anxiety. It has to do with the body’s inability to convert thyroid. Any experts advice. When I increase calories or carbs I seem to gain weight, the treetment says to use t3 for a few weeks. Does anybody Know anything about this syndrome.

Taken from the web: “In 1992, the Florida Board of Medicine fined Wilson $10,000, suspended his license for six months, and ordered him to undergo psychological testing. Although he does not appear to have resumed practice, his ideas are still promoted by the Wilson’s Syndrome Foundation.” I wouldn’t
put too much faith in the idea of Wilson’s

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You might want to go to your doc and get a blood panel. Might as well get a whole physical as well. I think alot of it has to do with the season changes as well as time. Is your diet in check ??? you might have food alergies. Alot of people that belive that they have these symptoms or illneses (depression,wilsons syndrome, low sex drives) made positive changes by changing what they eat. I know a couple people that thought they were Bi-polar, but they had sever allergic reactions to aspartame and wheat (flour in particular) And i know it’s hard sir especially this time a year. Sir take into consideration what i have typed.

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Jeff, see a doctor. I felt like I had the same problem a year ago, but it turns out my real problem had nothing to do with what I thought it did. It can’t hurt, and you’re not going to do yourself any good sitting around and wondering what the real problem might be.

Whether you call it Wilsons syndrome or underactive thyroid the symptoms are still of a malfunctioning thyroid. You can try taking your body temperature first thing in the morning. Before you get out of bed the temp. should read at least 97.3 and preferably above 97.6. Anything less indicates hypothyroidism or adrenal burnout. It could be caused by a number of factors that you have control over including: excessive stress, worrying etc, excessive caffeine or other stimulant consumption, undereating, and possible food sensitivities. If you do go to a dr. it’s best to go to someone with experience in treating these conditions as a typical G.P. will only give you a t.s.h (thyroid stimulating hormone assay). This test is far from perfect and will miss a lot of cases that should be treated. If you do get a tsh done the test should be at least a 3.0 and preferably lower (lower numbers mean better score) Anything higher then 3.0 tends to indicate a malfunctioning thyroid.