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Wilma Hates Me


Looks like we get another awesome hurricane. It was a Cat 2, bypassed 3 and 4 overnight and jumped straight ot a Cat 5 with the lowest recorded barometric pressure ever recorded in the Atlantic (it is supposed to drop to a cat 3 by the time it touches down).

I just want everyone to look at the path. . . .slowly hanging out in the carribbean, just chilling out getting stronger and pissing me off. Then it does a tranny drop and fucking beelines to West Palm as fast as humanly possible.

Supposed to be in orlando hitting up Halloween Horror Nights. Instead (if last year is any indicator), I'll be trying to figure out how I am going to not reek to high hell for two weeks without any electricity and how to preserve the huge stock pile of meat (beef and chicken) I bought two days ago. Anyone want to come over for a bar-b-q?


Feel for ya man.

We just got over Rita, my parents down in Orange, TX still have no power, are being told it may be Thanksgiving before the lights come on. Have also discovered that the wind didn't just blow off some shingles, it picked up the whole damn roof and slammed it back down on the house.

As for the meat, make sure your deepfreeze is somewhere out of the sun, inside the house if possible. I had stuff in mine stay frozen for a week with no power, also helped to throw a bag of ice or two a day in their as well.

If it doesn't turn, it'll be coming back at me. We're all holding our breath on this one.


Where are you from? Your arrow there is pointing right at my old stomping grounds.


Your arrow is pointing right at my house. =(


Jupiter, just north of West Palm. The 5 oclock update shifted the path slightly to ensure that we get teh eastern nost tip of the effing eyewall. Last year, Hobe Sound got the eyewall (about 10 miles north) twice with JEanna and Francis. Francis, of course, hits me two months after I closed on my condo. . . . .


It i slooking like Wilma will strike late sunday night / early monday morning. Looks like the only real bright spot will be some corporate sponsored time off. Although, this week they just rewrote the rule book to make it discretionary as to whether they have to pay us for the time we are not allowed to work due to Acts of God.

They are telling us if they decide not to pay us for Monday, we can just come in on Saturday and make up our hours. Or, take a vacation day. . .

Really hoping for a Cat 3 or less. Last night it 'wobbled' down to a cat 4, and the sustained wind speed dropped from 175 to the 150s.

Still looks like the eye wall is coming straight for my front door. The crappy part about getting the eye is that your house is subject to the shear force of the wind from both directions rather than a continuous beating in only one direction.
Last year, a guy was killed stepping out for a smoke break during the cane and got killed by a felled tree. Cmon guys, use some common sense


I was thinking of you and wondering how close you were to the "action". Guess you're right in the f-in middle of the crap. Sorry man... want to come back to AZ and hang until it passes?


Don't smoke?


absolutely. can we work out in your garage?


If you think you can handle it?? :slight_smile:

Yeah, come back!!!!


Just got my Jumbo special edition george forman grill I'm there until the power goes out!!


I'm watching the maps, and looking at the track, and I just can't see the damn thing turning like that and heading east.

High pressure system over us in Texas is supposed to make it head to Florida, but hell they said Rita was going to go into Corpus.


Good call on the foreman, I should throw a hurricane party. I'll supply the meat, and they bring the beer and jagerbombs.

As far as the weather track, It looks like there is something over the gulf that will push it east. Also, I think like 9 out of the 10 different model show it following almost the exact same path. As long as it doesnt go north. My condo up in Vero is a lot older and prone to flooding. Last year, it got hosed pretty badly.

If anyone wants to come down and ride the dragon with me, I have an extra room. . . Ill bring the meat, you bring the jagerbombs. . . .

We have a couple sturdy palms out front, I was going to use the hurricane as a funtional training opportunity to work on my sideways pull ups.


I think the tagline in the paper was something to the effect of 'smoking kills man in the hurricane' or something clever like that.

Invincible Hero actually has a tragic story of his roomate overdosing during the hurricane. Be careful everyone and don't smoke drugs. Especially a lot of drugs. Especially if you are going to need medical assistance during the most intense parts of the hurricane.


Take care- Jules


I thought this stupid state was supposed to be the "Sunshine State"? Stupid South Florida and its LIES!!!! LOL! Maybe I'll get school off on Monday eh?


I know...that's what I thought when I moved here in 1997. This place makes Seattle look like a friggin' desert. I too am looking forward to a "Miami snow day" next week.


Oh wow what a memory! Fellas, stacking your steroids with 15 Xanax bars is probably an unpreferred method to do anything. The paramedics came to carry him out during the eye of Frances around midnight. Then I got to hang out in my newly haunted home for part 2 of the storm. I don't live there anymore.

On a side note, please allow myself to introduce you to Captain Florida. Ha!


just under three hours to go time. Things start getting tropical. About to head out to a hurricane party. . . . . I'll keep you posted if this things gets interesting and I have power / internet. . . . .


If I don't have a pleasant sleep tonight beause of this bitch I'm gonna be mad...

And in other news.... I have no school monday OR tuesday! WEEEE!