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Will's No-Frills Contest Prep Thread

Might of missed it, but what’s the business?

Thanks bro! Some big changes are already taking place. This process is definitely a love-hate relationship.

I will try some more fat before bed. I’m doing 1C 2% cottage cheese right now with 2 tsp no sugar added jam. I’ll throw some almonds in or something like that. Maybe an egg or two.

I slept better last night but in addition to my usual magnesium I also took 5mg melatonin and my wife put lavender in the candle warmer. I was desperate for a decent night of sleep after 2 piss poor ones and I had to do fasted cardio this morning. I did eat 16g of fat within an hour of going to bed as well, may have helped but i didn’t control any variables…my professors would have been disappointed. (Lol)

Well I’m a private practice RD on the side in addition to my day job as a clinical dietitian. I’m now entering into a venture with a few friends to connect service providers with (hopefully extended) contracts.

So essentially we are a consulting group to help provide small business owners with work…we just slap a consulting fee on top of it. We have IT and Cybersecurity services, Electrical engineering (for wiring and that sort of thing) and then we have a health and wellness side with Trainers, Dietitians, and Nurses.
Connecting people doesn’t take any expertise but it sure can be plenty of work lol.


A little breakfast from this morning. Not pictured: 10 almonds.
Kale + 7 egg white oatmeal, 2 very toasted slices of Ezekiel bread. I don’t have a toaster so…still trying to manage this broiler while doing other things in the morning lol.
Progress is slow and steady. 9 weeks out not counting peak week. Weight is currently 216.

Adding another 5 mins to cardio today.
Also considering some carb cycling going forward to really help create a larger deficit on the days I don’t train.

Training has been good…still able to go pretty heavy when I feel like it. No severe strength loss yet.

Sleep and hunger have both improved, it’s funny how quickly your body adapts.


Kale huh? I used to go a little crazy adding veggies to my eggs hoping to pump up the volume of food I was getting. A friend once pretended to throw a single egg into several lbs of spinach joking how he was “making one of Stu’s omletes” -lol


:joy::joy::joy: that’s exactly how I am. Kale is so cheap I can put as much in as I want. Most days it doesn’t matter though…I’m still hungry 45 mins later if I’m not sipping on coffee. Even that can’t mask my appetite for long.

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@robstein @The_Mighty_Stu @BrickHead

What are you guys’ thoughts on mustard during the cut? I feel like I’ve been using a lot of it…some Sriracha as well, but a lot of mustard. Makes eating the same crap everyday a lot better. I know it says no calories on the bottle and that’s not true per USDA guidelines. Do you guys account for the calories in it?


I definitely have a few mustards on hand I use, Dijon is my fav. Some labels are different, some say 0, but a lot I’ve found say 5 cals per TSP, (that’s only like 5 grams.) There’s also a decent amount of sodium, while I don’t really ever account for that, some people do. So, I do measure/weigh my mustard, just to make sure I’m not overdoing it. While one heaping helping probably won’t make a difference, used in decent amounts on numerous meals every day, it could certainly add up to a few hundred cals a week. IMO always way better safe than sorry when every detail counts on a prep.

I use a combination of condiments, including some mustard, hot sauce, and “G Hughes” brand sugar free BBQ sauce, which is my favorite. 2TBSP is 10 cal and no sugars.

During peak week I cut out all condiments, except salt, which I continue using on almost all my meals.

I used mustard and sriracha throughout the prep but towards the end got paranoid and minimized using them. I started getting paranoid over too much vegetables too.

Thanks for your input stud.
Where do you get this?

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LOL the paranoia of carbs from vegetables adding up! Yeah…I’m not doing a terrible amount of sauce but I guess I was feeling a bit paranoid as well. May have to measure like Rob does.

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They have it at my local shoprite, this is it.

I also weigh veggies every day, just to make sure I’m getting the same amount every day. Some people it’s not as much of an issue, but too much of certain things like broccoli will bloat me and give me indigestion and add scale weight. So I weigh just for consistency.

Franks red hot wing sauce. No worries on cals or carbs. All sodium and deliciousness.

(You’ll thank me!)



@robstein thanks bro! Will check it out. Yeah I haven’t begun to do a ton of veggies yet…but of course the further you go the more you need them for volume and stabilizing blood sugar.

@The_Mighty_Stu I actually have something similar I think!


Solid back session today followed by 30 mins cardio - Incline walk @ 2.8

Really hoping to see some big changes in the next couple weeks. These weeks pretty much make or break show-readiness imo. If you’re not looking semi-show ready by 4-5 weeks out you’re probably not gonna do well.

A little dinner. Nothing fancy. 1/2C mixed veggies, 1C Jasmine rice, 6 oz. Roasted Chicken. Rice is damn good after you’ve eaten microwaved sweet potatoes for the past couple days. I have no dish washer…had to wash the rice cooker amongst many other things. Oh the things you don’t want to do during prep…not that I ever enjoy washing dishes. Lol

Ended up at a Bodybuilding show and a food truck festival yesterday.

My workout partner competed at the NPC NC State Championships yesterday. (He’s the Samurai looking guy)

It was awesome to be back in the setting again and see him go through the process to peak week to post workout fat boy. He competes in bantamweight in bodybuilding and was the only one there so…he won his class lol. He also crossed over into classic physique. There were some freaking monsters up there oh man. He also came in at 141 for Bantam whereas with Classic he could come in as high 165. So it’s no surprise he looks tiny compared to some of those dudes. He still managed to get 5th out of 8 or 9 guys. We were pleased.

Definitely has me motivated to continue grinding it out. I remember when he was struggling to see his weight drop and then you see them get on stage shredded. I feel like I’m in that struggle phase.

My parents have been in town since Thursday…so yesterday we took them to a local food truck festival after my wife and I got back from pre-judging.

What does it feel like it to eat Fit Joy bars at a food truck festival? Feels like 1st place in June.

I did end up finding a place that would sell me a smoked turkey leg with nothing on it. It was super plain…but damn was it good. Pure protein!

Macros have yet to change - though I expect some low carbs to be coming in soon. I’ve already begun experimenting with some cycling.

Workouts have still been good. Squatted 365x8 earlier this week…and it didn’t feel too bad.
I think I’m just starting to feel a little lethargic more than anything. Going through the daily grind of getting food prepped and ready to go is becoming more tiring.

Gotta push through. 9 weeks to go. Meeting up with Coach for posing later this week.

Then headed down to Florida this Thursday to visit my God son and his family. Traveling and competing are not very compatible…but I’ll manage. We were down there 2 weeks out last year…for his 1st birthday. Talk about temptation.


That mentality tho, on point! :ok_hand:

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Thank you bro. It has been tough, but gotta stay focused on the outcome.

It is definitely a testament to will power and not for everyone (myself being part of the everyone, ha)


Didn’t have to head to work this morning (on Mondays I’m the Sports Dietitian at one of the local universities). So I slopped out of bed and did 30 mins LISS cardio at like 1030.

This throws your whole day and meal schedule off so now I’m trying to play catch up :disappointed_relieved:

Weight Down to 214.5 this morning.
Did a couple low carb days over the weekend:
260g Pro, 70g Carb, 83g Fat

I felt pretty good with that…then I got to the gym today and felt weaaaaaak.
185 on Incline BB bench and 80# DB’s felt kinda heavy.
It’s funny how low carbs affect your strength, but I was grateful that it didn’t kill my mood (at least yet) like it did last year. Hopefully that will be better since I know what I’m getting into this time.

I’ve also been experimenting with HIIT and then LISS like @The_Mighty_Stu has his guys do and I must say I like it. 20 mins HIIT followed by 10 mins LISS is what I’ve done so far with the 30/2:00 intervals.

Did that twice last week…Probably won’t do it more than that for recovery reasons.

High carb day today and I feel like my metabolism is on fire. I wasn’t terribly hungry yesterday but I’m definitely hungry today. A little metabolic manipulation. I love it.