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Will's No-Frills Contest Prep Thread


Hit legs really hard yesterday…epiclly sore today. Weight was 213. Not terrible.

On my final low day before another refeed tomorrow. I’m definitely dragging this week compared last week. Hunger and blood sugar has been under control better by increasing veggie intake so that has been great!

Unfortunately sleep has declined again…even with the fats before bed, ordered more magnesium yesterday so hopefully I’ll get that soon.

Lectured to a class at a University today which was great but I was up there a whole hour and a half, and couldn’t eat…I’m not sure how you guys that were teachers did it lol. Especially if you had classes back to back.


So today was supposed to be my refeed but it appears I’m sick or something. Yesterday I felt like crap for most of the day but still went and did shoulders at the gym…and went heavy. It was a great workout but general malaise had set in while I was still at work. I had absolutely no appetite post-workout which really sucked.
So, I went home, drank a shake, ate a bunch of nuts to try and get at least some calories, went to bed early and hoped to sleep it off. Overnight I was burning up. Woke up this morning feeling like I was gonna puke with a temp of 100.3. Didn’t go to work, just been laying in bed all day.

It truly sucks because I rarely get sick but the last two times I was really sick were when I was training really hard. I wonder if between all the cardio and low carbs, my cortisol was really high and my immune system was heavily compromised.
Today I’ve had a protein bar, a gatorade, and a ginger ale. Hoping my appetite comes back soon. I WAS SUPPOSED TO REFEED TODAY! :smiley:
I’m hoping sipping on this stuff will help prevent me from being even more catabolic and inflammatory with the illness. Feeling a little better now after 1000mg tylenol but we’ll see.

Has anyone else experienced stuff like this during prep? This is literally the worst time lol.


I’ve gotten sick during preps and it’s the worst. Mentally you think that it’s all ruined because of one day. Best advice is to keep things in perspective, eat what you can. Sleep as much as you can, and then Just keep going the next day as usual.

Focus on the fact that the body burns more fatty acids for fuel at rest (sleeping), and enjoy -lol



Haha thank you Stu that’s exactly how I felt. I was so incredibly nauseous, but I was determined to hold on to the food I did get in. Never threw up. It appears the nausea has passed now. I just have a constant headache. Hoping I can get that out of the way soon. Even Tylenol doesn’t seem to help a lot.


Finally working back towards 100% from my illness. Didn’t eat much from Thursday night to Sunday last week. Mostly slept and laid in bed.

Lying in bed all day makes you really stiff by the way! My back was sore for like 2 days. I’m not ready to get old :grin:

I got down to 209.5 while I was sick. Back up to 211.5 now

The last two were pics I took that morning vs that evening post workout. I was curious how differemt you look. I have NO good lighting in my house without the sun shining in, which sucks, but you can still see a big difference.

Anyways, we are about 5 weeks out. Feeling ok. We’re still cutting it close for my liking but, I think we will do well.

I upped cardio yesterday, now 35 mins fasted and 35 mins post workout 6 days per week. Calories have remained the same with our 4 low days if 264 pro, 60 carb, 83 fat followed by a high day with 250 carbs. Today, I was given a cheat meal, just had a burger from five guys with some fries and man…it was glorious. About to go hit arms and calves shortly and hopefully send it to the right places.

I’ve been feeling really tired lately. Probably a cumulative effect of many things, so hoping to see my energy levels go up with this refeed, but 4 days of 60g carbs really beats you up. My partner and I have still been training pretty hard too…may have to calm it down at some point.

Have to go out of town for a conference this weekend…no kitchen, going to make this prep even more annoying. May end up straight up drinking egg whites or a little more protein powder than normal…but gotta make it work.

Hope you guys have a good weekend!


Looking good brother, your shoulders and arms are massive! How’s everything going?


I dont know much about contest prep, but there are some really good youtube videos by Evan Centopani about eating on the road. I think they’re titled “Road Warrior meals on the go” or something like that. Might not be meal for meal what you need, but it might give you some ideas on how to over come the travel! Just a thought!


Thanks buddy! I’ve been doing well. A bit busy with multiple business things going on and guest lecturing at universities.

Over the weekend I was at the conference, my wife and I stayed in a pretty cheap hotel to save money and their exercise room wasn’t air conditioned. I felt like I was getting MRSA just being on the treadmill. It was a horrible mistake lol.

Workouts have been pretty good. I’ve been using a lot of intensity techniques to not have to go super heavy weight wise. A lot of paused reps and extended sets.

I’m sure you know though, the increase in cardio beats you up. I’m currently doing 35 mins fasted and post workout every day with the option to skip 1 day. My energy levels have significantly declined in addition to this increase. I’ve also added in the stairmaster a bit more lately, which may have some effect on my energy levels since my body isn’t adapted to it yet. Yesterday I felt so hungry and weak on the stairmaster after about 30 mins but managed to push through to finish. I just kept my mind on 1st place but man…was probably one of the more mentally challenging parts of prep so far.

I’ve also been posing every night. Probably doesn’t help energy levels but I need the practice and it seems to really help with the way my muscles look.

Weight is down to 208 now. Making good progress there.

Changed from a 4 low days, one high day rotation to 3 low days, one high day because of energy levels. Hopefully helps.

Overall, I am pleased with progress. I will pose with coach tonight and have more pictures.
I really like to post here but I don’t like posting without pics. Need to just get my wife up in the morning to snap some I suppose. I still have the lighting issue but prob could make them work in the bathroom.

Thanks for asking my friend. I’m looking forward to seeing your results!


Thanks bro I will definitely check those out. I need some new ideas anyways!


Glad to hear it’s going well man. I hear you on the cardio, once that ramps up it’s all downhill from there lol. Keep pushing brother!

I used to do some stairs at the beginning of my prep, but I feel like the cons outweigh the pros as you get deeper into the prep. Daily cardio, posing practice, leg training, the stairs wreck the legs even more, joints and lower back, at least they do for me. Once I’m deeper into the prep I do all my cardio on the elliptical. I usually don’t use the arms, but it’s there if my legs are completely wrecked, I can use the arms to take over some more of the load. Full body resistance and none of the impact, a great way to get the cardio in without taxing yourself more than necessary. Maybe give it a go!


I read during my cardio so I prefer the elliptical!
I feel like the calorie readout is always higher and I can go harder (like you said) without beating my body up.

I always do it without the arms but adding arms probably wouldn’t hurt.

I have noticed a little back soreness with the stairmaster. Probably would be a good idea to steer away from it. My buddy felt like it helped him bring in his legs going into the show so I figured I’d give it a try but of course, leanness is what matters.


You know it’s getting bad when you don’t use the stairs at work anymore.


When and why did you ever use the stairs? That’s called unscheduled cardio, man!


For real, though, I know what you mean. I went through a period where my legs were so toasted that I’d ask a co-worker to go to the kitchen with me and we’d carry as many cups of water back to my desk as we could so I could limit how many times I had to get up for to get water. haha


:joy::joy: I would’ve been doing the same.

I enjoyed taking the stairs at one point but I’m just elevator all the way now. Just…too…tireddddd


Past couple weeks I’ve definitely taken the elevator a few times. No shame!


Yesterday evening following my workout.

Weight is down to 207.5 today. I can remember last year I was stuck at this weight for like a month. It’s awesome to see the progress.

Today is refeed day! Started off with some Ezekiel bread French toast and sugar free syrup. Lots of Jasmine rice later on and a banana. I already feel a lot better just from eating more carbs this morning.

Per Coach, no more cheat meals :tired_face:

Macros for todat will be:
250g carb, 264 pro, 42 fat

We are approximately 4 weeks out now. Starting to see things come together. I will try to get some morning shots tomorrow or this weekend so you can see the difference.

The dryness and vascularity in the morning is so much more fun to look at vs. the pumped nature of post workout posing. Plus when you get on stage it’s gonna be morning anyways so…just makes sense.

Cardio is still rough but was better this morning… 35 mins incline of 15 at a speed of 3 this morning.

Ultimately, the plan is to get on stage at 197-198ish dry and full. I’ll be right under the weight limit of 200# and bring a competitive package to the stage.

I think at this point, you start to feel run-down and tired, but your body is still going through huge changes.
It really shows that trying to get down to 5 or 6% body fat is really not healthy or sustainable. I commend the bodybuilders that have done it year in and year out and bring awesome conditioning to the stage. You and your family sacrifice a lot for that.


A couple shots from this morning before 35 mins LISS cardio.

4 weeks out from today.
Still hovering at 207.5

Low day today but I’m gonna switch up a bit and start off with an Egg white and bacon sandwich on Ezekiel bread.

I have some steak leftover from earlier this week which also seems to help me fill out and feel “normal” versus the grind and constant feelings of crap that prep brings.

Got legs today followed by another 35 mins of LISS cardio. Really only have 3 leg workouts left (including this one). It’s kind of hard to believe honestly…I feel this has been going on forever even though it has only been 14 weeks.


Hey man hope all is well, how’s everything going?


Hey buddy. I commend you for staying true logging everyday - I just don’t feel like it lol.
I’m feeling pretty bad right now. Not sure what the deal is but cravings have been a lot worse this time through.

This is the only shot we took from yesterday. I’m tilted a little but was working on a new foot placement to try and get my hamstrings to pop more.

We have 10 days. I’m confident my legs will tighten up some more between now and then. I did legs on Sunday so they could have been a little inflamed in this shot. But mostly - I’m struggling. 90 mins of cardio everyday. Doing sprints and hiit 2-3x/week right now to try and separate the legs a little more - so that is impacting recovery as well.

Otherwise, we are pleased, I’ll take some morning shots before cardio tomorrow…upper body is ready to go we believe. Calories-wise I’m cycling 3 days low 1 day high as I have been with 250g carb refeed
We cut protein portions to 5 oz. a week or so ago so that may be where some of the cravings are coming from.

Cut creatine last Friday.
Going to start 12 oz asparagus/day tomorrow for the diuretic properties. I’m not real keen on all the water manipulation, but it did work fine last year so we will try it again.

The usual carb depletion - <50g starting Sunday - wednesday with water being 2 gallons a day during that span. Then we will slowly carb up and take water to 1.5 gallons Thursday, and probably 3/4 -1 gallon Friday with small amounts Saturdahy for the pump and fullness back stage. Will also be taking expel during this time frame.

This show is different in that, weigh-ins are only the Friday before from 5-8pm. Shouldn’t have an issue making weight but I have never seen one not do weigh-ins the morning of the show.

Overall, feeling good about the show…I’m just mentally and physically beat - staying focused on bringing a quality package to the stage…and trying to grind 1 day at a time.


Any updates? How did the show go? I have been following along and am curious how things went.