Willpower & Discipline Shall Overcome

4.20.11 Back #1 BW: 196.6lbs
Seated Rows 4x10x210 //form could’ve been tighter
Pull Ups 8,6,6 //not a clean finish at the top of the reps biceps tired from rows
DB Rows 2x15x75
Rear Delts 2x15x20
Deadlifts 3x5x250 //last rep was sloppy, good otherwise
Shrugs 275x8,10 225x4 //felt nothing–i need to pin down this form again so i’ll probably stick with 225 next time

Happy 420 all! I recently quit so no fun for me.

4.21.11 Sprints 7:30am
Jogged to the park ~5min
Cool Down Jogging Back ~5min

//Form felt awful

Arms #1 BW: 198
BB Medium Grip Flat Bench 175x6, 165x6,6,4
Tricep Push Downs 90x12 100x12,11
Hammer Curls 35x10,10,7
Kpipe Curls 2x15x20
Wrist Roller 2 sets w/ 10lbs