Willie Pep R.I.P

Just posting to say goodbye to one of boxing’s true legends. Willie Pep had a mind-boggling 26 year career and finished 250-11-1 and 65 K.O’s. That career including world titles a 63 fight win streak which was followed up by a 73 fight win streak.

Willie 'O Wisp fought in WWII with our Army and was sent home after breaking his leg. He went on to win more fights and a world title after that injury. Among his highlights was a legendary round in which he did not throw a single punch and simply made his man miss the entire round.

Pep made his opponent look so foolish that the judges still gave him that round. He died today at the age of 84 in a ward for Alzheimer’s patients. Much respect to one of the great fighters of all time and someone we should all remember.

I have heard the name Willie Pep all my life, but didn’t know much about him. Thanks.

A great man and a great fighter who never laid down.

RIP, one of the greatest.

I think this says he broke his leg in a plane crash?!? A legend nevertheless.