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Sorry guys I’ve been gone for a while, but i am back …one quick question: What happend to the lair and coach davies forums?
Will Rouse

Copy and pasted from the “Thanks Davies and Thibaudeau” thread:

Just to make everything clear, I simply do not have time to take care of my forum properly anymore. As a proof I have more than 40 messages on queue in my moderator page! The problem is that on top of my job as a strength coach and my own training I also coach TWO football teams!!! Which takes me over 30 hours per week.

So there is just no way that I can keep this up and maintain my sanity!!!

However I’ll still write tons of articles. In fact I sent 4 new ones to TC this week alone!!!

I’ll also have a Q&A column. So you’ll still be able to ask me questions. I’ll also appear on the guest forum from time to time and will try to post on the regular forums if times permits.

I’ll be forever grateful to the whole T-mag stuff for having me onboard and I’ll stay a part of the team for as long as they want me here.

First - I am humbled by the thanks that I have heard from many.

Being apart of T-Mag is and will continue to a special part of coaching /mentoring service. Not simply because that the company is an on-line leader in providing training information or the underlying supplement product is the industry vanguard but the quality of people within the company that make up this team.

I know that as we go through some changes in the forums some may
confuse this as a reduction of services which is inaccurate. In-fact this is an extraordinary opportunity to focus and expand the growing commitment to the T-Mag nation.

As always, I thank you for the opportunity to be of help and remain,

Coach Davies