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Will You Gain Weight If You're Still Hungry?


Ok, so in the past, I was able to gain weight if I ate more than 3000 calories a day. I was always full, but my work outs were not that intense.

Now my work outs are more intense, and I am eating 4000 calories a day. I get this all in before 7 pm.

Now in the late evening I am hungry, but since I ate all the foods, can I still gain weight, even if I am hungry in the evening?

I mean I just want to relax after 7 pm and not eat anymore even if I'm hungry.

Or does want need to be always full in order to bulk?


If you can easily eat 4000 calories before 7pm and be hungry later on you are lucky. I'm a beginner, but I would suggest you try and make those 4000 calories clean and see if it's as easy, I would guess probably not. That said you may be a big guy so without knowing more about you it's hard to say. If you want to get big then train hard and eat as much as your body demands.


What I have found with bulking is that it's actually better to eat 2 or 3 huge meals than it is to spread it out over 6 or 7 (like when dieting). I can gain weight much easier that way. However, I can gain muscle/fat pretty easily and losing fat is a pain the ass for me, so you might be different.

You being hungry is not an indication of whether or not you will gain weight (unless you have been starving yourself) as you are eating a plethora of calories. Depending on what your body does with the 4000 calories earlier in the day will dictate whether or not you need to spread it out a bit more and eat later in the day.

If you are gaining weight, but notice you are gaining more fat then you would like, I would suggest moving some of the calories (500, as an example) towards the end of the day or near bedtime. Maybe splitting it up into 2 smaller meals after 7PM. It really all depends on how you respond and if you are meeting your goals or not.


How is being hungry after 7PM "relaxing?"

I'm much more relaxed, and sleep better, when I eat in the evenings.


The only relevant thing is if the scale is changing. Weigh yourself once a week for a couple of weeks. Then weight yourself twice a month. If you are gainingweight forget the scale and go by the mirror. Ifyou arent gaining weight, eat more.


Don't ask us if you can gain weight hungry...you're the one reading the scale. Eat like that for 2-4 weeks, weigh yourself before and after, and BAM, you've answered your own question.


Like BONEZ said, if the scale is not going up, eat more.


Hey, I'm doing 4000 clean per day too! I got hungry last night and just put a couple scoops of whey and a few TBSP of olive oil together. Got me through the night and wasn't hard to get down at all.