Will You Ever Bring Back Mag-10?

Considering that I am an 73 year old lifter fighting sarcopenia (muscle wasting), I may not be the best source.

As far as a pre- and intra-workout supplement goes, nothing comes close to how the training feels than Surge Workout Fuel.

At this time I have a bag and a half of Plazma that is barely getting used. Occasionally, I use it as a post-workout supplement, but most times I use Metabolic Drive because it has greater protein content. I mixed the two once.

This sounds like it would taste awful.

Pretty much, but I gagged it down.


You can’t waste it. :slight_smile:

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Surge WOF is the best peri-workout formula (even better than Plazma), regardless of the goal.

We use Plazma for protein pulsing post-workout and throughout the day when we need to get someone super lean while packing on muscle quickly.

(You have to be able to drink volumes to make significant gains fast.)

If expense were no concern and you can chug down liquids, here’s the exact protocol we use:

  1. Three Surge Workout Fuel doses peri-workout.
  2. Three Plazma pulses spread throughout the day.

Now that’s intriguing. Thanks for sharing, Tim.

Thank you for that response. It’s not too often that the owner of an established company personally answers his customer’s questions. Your Behind the Scenes column in the old T-Mag used to be my favorite part of Fridays.

At some point, I may have to give the SWF/Plazma protocol a try if and when I can fully focus on my training. Hopefully, someone will post their results if they decide to give this protocol a go.

Then you didn’t mix it correctly.

It doesn’t.

Vanilla Metabolic Drive and Plasma (unflavored) flavors in no way complement one another, I don’t care how you mix them.

But I am open to optimal mixing strategy.

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Sarcopenia is a complex metabolic issue. Try taking two Plazma doses per day (mid-morning and midday).

Are you taking extra curcumin?

I have been taking a fairly good grade curcumin (Terry Naturally CuraMed 750mg) for about 15 years. I just bought the Biotest curcumin.

When I tried taking two a day of the current curcumin it made my urine get a strong odor, so I backed it back down to one a day.

Are you suggesting taking two a day the Biotest curcumin?

No, it’s the most important thing to consider, next to training strategy. But, of course, it depends upon WHAT you use intra-workout.

I’d put training effort, overall nutrition and sleep over supplementation in general in terms of important things to consider. In the supplementation category I do think the intra-workout nutrition piece is probably the most important. (I don’t really think of protein powder as a supplement, more like convenient food.)

My comment is in the context of the training session and directly refers to WORKOUT nutrients, not “supplementation in general.”

Training strategy includes effort as well as methodology and planning.

In your situation, yes, two Micellar Curcumin capsuels.

I’m sorry; I misread your comment. I agree; Plazma and Metabolic Drive protein won’t ever work well mixed together.

On the other hand, Plazma is the most-effective post-workout anabolic protein. The bi- and tripeptides in Plazma are in a league of their own and provide much greater benefits than whey isolate and micellar casein.


  1. Right now, I’m taking 1 dose for Workout 1 (Metabolic complexes/cardio), 1 dose for Workout 2 (Dumbell swings/cardio) and 1 dose pre bed (this was an initial recommendation I saw). Would you recommend instead to do 1.5 doses for Workout 1-2 only?

  2. Does it matter what precedes/proceeds the Plazma dose? Or just drink it anytime along with normal meals?

Recovering from a long long fight with cancer(s); and I have life insurance payout; so money isn’t a really big object currently. Reducing from worst weight of 314lbs to <200lbs is my main concern right now.


  1. In your case, take two full doses of Surge Workout Fuel peri-workout and skip the bedtime dose.

  2. Take Plazma between meals on an empty stomach to benefit from its full effects. Other macronutrients (foods) would interfere with the absorption and performance of Plazma’s small-chain peptides and carbs.

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Thank you.

GBP crashed just in time for my monthly resupply. Seem to have gotten the last of the Plazma in time aswell.