Will You Ever Bring Back Mag-10?

It’s difficult giving a definitive yes or no answer.

There are several issues affecting the decision:

  1. The Mag-10 supplement is super expensive to make.
  2. The cost of our casein hydrolysate is skyrocketing.
  3. Manufacturing lead times have increased 3x - 10x.
  4. Shipping costs for raw materials have gone up 4x.
  5. Supply chains have slowed to a crawl.

Here’s what we’re thinking:

  • All of these factors make manufacturing challenging.
  • We’ll have to increase the price to at least $149.95 per pouch.
  • Will consumers balk at the price?

So, Mag-10 lovers, we need your feedback to help us decide our next step.

If we brought back Mag-10:

Would you buy one pouch per month for $149.95?
  • Yes
  • No

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I love Mag-10, but that is simply beyond what I can currently afford every month


I had used Mag-10 as a post workout protein.

Considering my two week opinion of the benefit of a complete Surge supplementation approach, I have relied on Metabolic Drive as a post workout protein 30 minutes after finishing the last of the Surge following my workout. I wonder if there is much that Mag-10 could add, even if it were to complement Surge.

Right now, It would be difficult to sell me on Mag-10, even at the old price.

Make your sales pitch.

Thank you. Please vote “no,” then.

Thank you, Tim, for replying to my question. The new price plus exchange (I’m Canadian) would not justify a purchase. I’ve just ordered Surge and hope it will deliver as advertised. Thanks, again.

It will and more.


Definitely follow up and let everyone know what you think! Lots of positive reviews so far. It’s cool to see “real users” give their feedback.

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Is this likely to impact Plazma as well?

Yes, absolutely.

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that’s disappointing, this is a daily use supplement depending on my schedule/goals.

Plans to bring it back if things improve?

That price is indeed too high, even for me!
I would much rather have the casein hydrolysate slated for Plazma than Mag-10 at this time.
Please don’t stop production of Plazma. It’s WAY better still than SWF that is being promoted right now in my humblest of opinions (and experience).

I’m glad you’re such a staunch Plazma supporter. I am too. But I formulated both and have used each more than anyone, and I do not agree. As a pre/intra-workout supplement, Surge Workout Fuel beats Plazma.