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Will You Be Releasing a Type 1A Program/s or Template?

Hey there again Coach.

I have been attempting to create my own based on your teachings. I believe what I have come up with from studying your videos on Thibarmy is very solid. But alas, I do not feel it will be quite as good from the master himself.
Will you be releasing a program or template for type 1As? Paid or free?

Thanks Coach

Eventually yes… for each type. The blueprint for the first type 1A program is done

That’s great news! Thanks Coach. Will this be sold as a program on Thibarmy or could we expect a blog article similar to “fastest way to get jacked”? Either way, I’m very much looking forward to it.

No, it will be either part of package of two programs per neurotype or as a stand-alone

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Consider me a customer already.
Will you be releasing your neurotype test alongside these? I’m very interested in this and have been keeping an eye out

Here’s the thing. I stopped using a test for several reasons. I use a personal assessment and teach how to do such an assessment. The problem with the test is that people were always answering based on their perception of themselves (which is not always correct) or based on what they thought I wanted to hear.

Plus, the mental state you are in when you answered the test influenced the answers. I can now diagnose someone’s neurotype in less than 10 min with 90-95% accuracy. BUT I have to find a way to teach people how to do that. I do it in my seminars but it’s a 3 h presentation.

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That’s very interesting.

Just a thought. It would require a lot from your readers so maybe it’s got to many holes. Are there things that people can DO? Instead of answering questions, what if I spent a week. Doing a certain something. Then following that I do something different for the same length of time. Each round of testing tied to a specific neurotype. If I pay attention and take notes on specific aspects. Wouldn’t at the end I know without a shadow of a doubt? Based on how my body and mood responds to different things. That’s much less subjective than say a test.
Another thought (this has a lot of implications of what you personally want and your business so please don’t think I’m be presumptuous)
You could film that specific session of your seminar or record it on Thibarmy. I for one would watch it. Maybe then those who come to your seminar will have a base knowledge and you will be able to dig deeper into the the things with the time allowed.

Just some thoughts from a simpleton