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Will trade.........


About to put these books up on ebay, just thought I’d offer them up on the forum first. Just FYI willing to trade for any used fitness related equipment, I’m really intrested in either kettle balls, weighted vest, or different types of training equipments. PM me, I’ll contact you and then we can negotiate. All the boks are really good, and all are in perfect condition. Just shoot me an offer if at all intrested. I will take a big price hit on this one, as I fell I don’t need these books anymore.

Workout Related books:

Supertraining -Mel C. Siff
Serious Strenght Training - Tudor Bompa
Science and Practice of strength Training -Vladimir Zatziorsky
Modern Trends in Strength Training Volume One- Charles Poliquin
Get Buffed- Ian King
So you want to be a strength coach- Ian King
Challenge Yourself- Clarence Bass
High Performance Sports Conditioning -Bill Foran

Nutrition related books:

Protein Power - Micheal & Mary Eades
Ultimate Diet Secrets (large version) -Dr. Greg Eliss
Mastering the zone - Barry Sears
Enter the zone
Zone food blocks
A week in the zone
Schwarzenbein Principle 2- Diana Schwarzenbein
Sports Nutrition Guide - Micheal COlgan
Right Protein for the right muscle - Micheal Colgan
Aging without growing old - Judy Lindberg

First up, where do you live and how much is regular postage going to cost to send from your location to Calgary, Alberta, Canada ??? Second, I would be interested in Zatsiorsky’s book and maybe the Ian King ones as well. Cheers.

What DID you keep? ;0)

How much are you willing to sell all your training books for? (together as one package)