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Will this work?

I am thinking of taking 6 weeks of Dianabol @ 20mg/day Monday thru Friday (weekends off), then take 4 weeks of 20mg/day of Nolvadex (everyday), then 2 weeks off. Then possibly start a new cycle. Would this cycle work well for putting on and keeping some size and strength? Also, would taking the weekends off be alright? I read about this method, but didn’t know whether to trust it or not.

it is pointless to take weekends off, all you do is allow the aas to leave your system and 20 mg a day will give little if any results by itself. why are you taking the nolva for 2 weeks after the d-bol. try clomid.

start over bro. you have a lot of learning to do. this is a poorly constructed cycle to say the least. i dont even know where to start and i am too tired to type a novel of advice right now. just start in the search engine. read up on steroids for a while and post again when you have a better idea what your about to do.

what is your reasoning behind doing this cycle? are you just taking the dbol in the morning as to not shut yourself down?

This is just a program that I read about. The main focus was on athletic functional training more so than on mass building. I was didn’t think it would be any good for mass and strength gains, but I figured I’d check with you guys.

I actually think that I am going to get some deca and stack it with the d-bol. I am thinking of week 1-6 dbol @ 20mg/ED and week 1-8 or 10 deca @ 400mg weekly. I only want to gain 10lbs of lean muscle from this stack.

this is like a snowball rolling downhill.

Do a search on Deca not a good thing
on this board. Mybe try Tren/dbol
test/dbol but not deca you you my be limp
for a while.

Maybe I’ll just use Test instead of Deca then. I guess it’s all in who you listen to. I read that you wouldn’t have to worry about “deca dick” when you stack it with D-bol. I didn’t know for sure, but if you say so, I’ll just go Test and D-bol. It should be able to take care of my needs.

Not trying to bag on you but where in the hell did you read that shit about not getting deca dick if you stack it with d bol? This is how people get themselves in trouble. Is it snowing out by you yet Drago?

nope. got another month yet. i see you havent burned up yet. thats some crazy shit going on out there. keep a bucket of water with you at all times.

Listen to the force billybob you can trust the force, they know what they are talking about. If not then take the advice you read else where try it out and then come back to the board with your results. Its only money, time and your dick at risk. Jab away my young padwon