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Will This Work for Fat Loss?

I do not like counting cals so I just eat every 2 to 3 hours. Egg whites on wheat toast or protein shake for breakfest, plain chicken or steak with greens and fruit for my main meals. Snacks are almods, fruit, peanut butter etc. Diet is much better but still needs improvment.

I just read about the TNT plan from mens health. Anyone see this? looks great and I feel I would stick to a diet if I had a book ot somehting to follow with.

here is a link -

If your happy with that approach then go for it. its more important that you feel happy and enjoy what your doing for it to be sustainable.

if you dont lose weight, then you know your eating too many kcals and lower them accordingly

I am going to try the ABS diet and if that works than TNT diet plan. I just think I will stick to it easier, and be able to follow a strict diet easier if I have a book to refer to.

I have lost a few pounds by doing what I am doing now but I dont think I will see a huge diffrence with it.

I just want to loose enough fat to be able to do a clean bulk already haha

I just checked out that TNT diet, um hmmmm looks familiar. I was reading your thread and wanted to mention the Anabolic diet to you but it looks like mens health already put a nice new coat of paint on it and are selling it like its cutting edge.

They did add some PWO carbs so I guess they can call it TNT…wow thats sounds like fat will explode right off you. Oh yeah my response! Ya man give it a shot, there is a huge thread on it here called “my experience on the ANABOLIC DIET”(KABOOM!!!). I eat that way and love it, though my goal is to gain not lose. Good luck to ya.