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Will this suppress my HPTA?

Just started my first cycle about a week ago; using dbol and clomid only (I got a whole mess of it very cheaply.) Seeing good gains so far, but wondering if any experts out there can tell me whether I am shutting down my HPTA. I am taking 25mg dbol 4x/day, at 6am, 9am, noon, and 3pm. I did the math, and assuming a 3 hour half-life, I am leaving myself with just over 6mg in my bloodstream at midnight, just over 3mg at 3am. Considering that I am also taking clomid, will this leave my HPTA intact?

oops, forgot to mention, taking clomid @ 50mg ED.

Actually, you’ve got a bit of mathematical
error in your calculation.

We’ll use your assumption of 3 hour half
life though the only report I’ve had of
it (secondhand) is 4 hours.

So the first dose is reduced by 6 halflives
by midnight, or to 1/64 the value, or 25/64
of a milligram. The second dose is reduced
by four halflives, to 25/32 of a mg; the third
to 25/16 of a mg, and the fourth to 25/8
of a mg, for a total of 5.9 mg not 3 mg.

Using four hours as the figure for the halflife, then 11 mg.

But as to whether this is inhibitory, the
answer is no more than partially, and probably
not much.

100 mg’s of dbol a day? isnt that a tad harsh on the liver? i hope youre taking precautions