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Will This Stack Require Clomid?

I am planning on taking oxandrin 25mg/d plus winstrol 20mg/day. I know arimidex would not be neccessary with these meds but I’m wondering if I should take clomid with them at the same time or wait untill after I finish my cycle. And if I should wait until after when should I start and at what dose and for how long should I keep taking the clomid. Thank you for any help you guys and gals can provide, it is greatly appreciated.

HCG is a better choice to use at the end of the cycle
and perhaps, a few days per week during (at say 500IU every
3rd day while on and 1000IU twice per week for 2-3 weeks
when you come off).

Clomid might also be effective, although Bill will argue
this point with me I am sure :slight_smile:


Nah, I won’t argue with you on that, Brock! :slight_smile: Except to say that when androgen doses are high enough to give total inhibition, then that can’t be fixed with Clomid. When you have a moderate dose that isn’t shutting everything down, just partially doing so, then blocking estrogenic inhibition does improve matters and you have less total inhibition.