Will This Routine Help for Rugby?

Having messed around with different training routines for a while, I was wandering whether someone could give me some advice with regards to this routine:

There are three workouts per week. I was thinking 4-5 sets low reps and heavy weight, except for bodyweight exercises with higher reps.

Day 1: Deadlifts, Front Squats, Cable Rows, One Arm Dumbell Push Press, Medecine ball passes.

Day 2: Clean and Press, Overhead Squats, Pull-ups, Dips, Glute-Ham raises.

Day 3 Power Snatch, One-legged Squats, Pull-ups, One Arm Press Ups/Clap Press ups, Push press, Reverse hypers.

Im looking for a mix of hypertrophy and functional power, transferable to rugby/ American football. Im wandering mainly if I’ve over or under emphasised any body parts.

Also, another problem I find is that when I deadlift (bent legged) my ass tend to come up first so that its almost in line with my back before my back comes up. This is more pronounced with heavier weight… any imbalances there? what can i do to correct it?

Thanks in advance guys, Ive read up quite a lot before this post so hopefully I wont be wasting peoples’ time.

I think it mainly depends on what position your playing. If you’re a prop, hooker, or second row I would focus mainly on power because of scrums and rucks. If you’re a back, focus more on high reps and sets with medium to low weight for speed and agility.

In any event, I like to pair all my legs and heavy back on the same day, and have arms on a separate day and chest and shoulders on another, but thats just me.

In any event, when I played rugby, I did a lot of plyo exercises, bear crawls, lunges, etc. But once again, it all depends on your position.

Bear Crawls?

ya, put your hands on the ground along with your feet and run like a dog for like 50 yards, or whatever.

Looks pretty solid. The last couple of years I’ve used the DeFranco WSSB program (or modified versions thereof) for rugby and have found it really helpful. He’s had a couple of rugby players from England training with him this summer, so word is spreading.

I agree with Jacked Diesel that your position should impact on your training, but I don’t agree that backs ought to perform low intensity, high volume work. The ideal back is fast, agile and strong in the tackle. If someone wants to be quicker and stronger they ought generally to be on a program that includes at least some movements with heavy weights for low reps.

Don’t neglect basic skills though and become completely gym focused. It doesn’t really matter how much you squat if you can’t give and take a pass and run crap lines.