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Will This Plan Work?

I’m 34 yrs old
5’8. 190 lbs 15-20 % BF
Dead lift 525
Squat 500 W/ knee wraps
Bench 325 (shoulder injury)
Clean 245

Three month goal
Dead lift 550
Squat 500 W/O knee wraps
Bench 350 (shoulder allowing)
Clean 295

I will be on my second cycle. This one will be test 150 sus eod, liq Torem .25 to .5 Eod and PCT of Novdex 40/40/20/20

Still figuring caloric intake (help please)

West Side Style Program

6 day split
Day 1 Max squat / high rep squat accessories
Day 2 Speed bench / Jump Training
Day 3 Max deadlift / high rep Dead lift accessories
Day 4 Speed Squats / Oly lifts & more jump training
Day 5 Max Bench / high rep bench Accessories
Day 6 Speed deadlift / Dead lift accessories

Is there anyone with advice on the workout plan or calorie intake?

What is your current diet/macros like?

I’m down from 214 (March15) to 190 (July15)

Every morning for the past 110 days I get up at 08:30
0900 1 cup oatmeal w/ protien, peanut butter, and raisins

Lunch and dinner change daily but always a protien, veggie , and carb for example

1200 canned chicken soup and turkey sandwich with salad no dressing
1500 cup of yogurt
1730 meat, steamed veggies, potatoes, salad
1900 shake
2400 Great Grains Cereal with yogrt, not milk

Typical cut of meet is about 1.5 the size of my hand

In the past 110 days
I have not had a desert
I had 1 small bag of Doritos
30 Stouts and 3 Bourbons on the Rocks
Aside from that I only drink water, coffee, and about 1/2 gal of milk a day

Every day. Multi V, amino acids, and fish oil

I’ve never counted calories but I think I would be good at it