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Will This Plan Work?


This summer I can lift weights 24/7 if I want to... I will be getting anywhere from 4000 - 6000 calories, and I have a home gym. My main goal is to be wider with bigger traps...

Monday= Chest,Triceps						

10 AM Workout 1 :Cluster Bench Press - 3 x 3, 20% Off 5 x 5

1:30 PM Workout 2 : Incline Press - 6 x 3, HTH (70 - 75%)2-3 Reps,10 sec rest

3 PM Workout 3 : Close Grip Bench Press - 6 x 3, HTH (70 - 75%)2-3 Reps,5-10 sec rest


11 AM Workout 1 : Back Squats - 6 x 3, Front Squats - 5 x 5

2 PM Workout 2 : Romanian Deadlift - 6 x 3, 20 % off 5 x 5, Leg Complexes

Wednesday= Shoulders,Back, Biceps						

10 AM Workout 1 : Deadlift - 8 x 3 (Micro Ramping), Snatch- 10 x 1, Lateral Raises - 3 x 8

1:30 PM Workout 2 : Power Clean - 8 x 3 (Micro Ramping), Behind The Neck Press= 3 x 6

3 PM Workout 3 : Pull ups - 6 x 3 ,BW 5 x 10, Barbell Curl - 7 x 2

Thursday= Chest, Triceps						

10 AM Workout 1 : Bench Press - Cluster - 3 x 3, HTH (70 - 75%)2-3 Reps,10 sec rest

1:30 PM Workout 2 : Incline Bench Press - 7 x 1/3/Max, Dips - 5 x 1/3/Max

3 PM Workout 3 : Close Grip Bench Press - 7 x 1/3/Max, Tricep Pressdown - 5 x 1/3/Max

Friday= Shoulders,Back,Biceps						

10 AM Workout 1 : Deadlift - Cluster - 3 x 3, Clean & Jerk - 8 x 2, Band Face Pull - 3 x 8

1:30 PM Workout 2 : Push Press HTH (70 - 75%)2-3 Reps,10 sec rest,Lateral Raises- 7 x 1/3/Max

3 PM Workout 3 : Pull ups - 6 x 3 ,Chin Ups BW 5 x 10, Barbell Curl - 3 x 5


Try it out, let us know...


Doesn't seem that well thought out. You have no calf work. You need to do both seated and standing.

Also, I have heard that to work the hamstrings totally you need to do leg curls as well as a deadlift variation since one hits the semimembranosus and one hits the semitendinosus and they aren't interchangeable.

Look at Kai greene - he's always doing leg curls.

Unless you are huge already in these areas :slight_smile:


I'm a rep junkie so that looks terrible to me lol but if you progress and enjoy it then all the power to you.


All I want is to be really wide and to have big traps...


It seems a little complicated but honestly it doesn't look half bad. Its certainly not excessive, and you seem to be focusing on the major lifts, so just try it and see how it goes.


One thing to note you will look relatively narrower with bigger traps due to the angle you are creating with them. Not saying you shouldn't train them.


Eh... need? I agree that if you want bigger calves, start doing some calf work, but most of the efforts should be on the gastroc, IMO most people don't need to do soleus work unless you are an advanced bodybuilder. It just a thin sliver of a muscle and the gastroc is large and has the most potential for growth. If you're doing heavy squats, your soleus already gets hit pretty hard.


This sucks.

What is your goal ? Choose one of the below.

A. Bodybuilding B. Power lifting C. Olympic Lifting D. Staying In shape

Once you have chosen a goal, please precede to do what people who reached that goal have already done until your more advanced than they are and need to come up with something better.


Will this work???

Probably not. Your goals also suck.


Your shoulders and elbows are going to fucking hate you.


your parents never loved you


just pick a tested program and work the hell out of it for a few months


What are your stats, weight, height everything. Eating 4000-6000 cals just for the sake of it can be detrimental.

Those are not goals, a good goal is for example: if I gain 20-30 pounds without gaining too much fat I will definitely have bigger traps and look wider. If you're not measuring anything you might not progress.


I'm 42 years old and doing shift work; if I had three months off to eat and train and do bugger all else I wouldn't be pissing it up against the wall with a lousy goal like "all I want is to be really wide and have big traps".

You have the time, food and likely age to get three months of high quality muscle on board. Go do it. As an added incentive post before and after pics.