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Will This Kill My Strength?

ill be quick cause i hate reading too much myself

5’10" 160lbs
bench 210
Squat 310
Deadlift 355
Powerclean 185
Mil press 155
chin bw+70

just started 5x5 intermediate, milking that as long as i can before advanced 5x5

now, the endurance part:
mma style, as much as quick as possible within 25 minutes
tabatas, all 4 moves start with bodyweight and vest/dumbells added after i can do the moves as fast as possible
Thrusters (body squats rising into overhead shoulders press)
lying supine rows
squat thrusts
in concurrence with tabatas, 16 minutes have gone by
10minutes on the heavy back, power emphasis.
25 minutes at this point
rest for a few
16 sets of HIIT dashes, 30 second intervals.

should be under 50 minutes
tues thurs sat

think this is gonna kill my muscles from 5x5?

What’s the goal?

Eh, regardless of the goal, you’re 5’10" and 160 lbs. You don’t have much muscle to be worried about.

any extra work is probably likely to limit SS gains for someone as thin as you.

i think SS should kindve be a focus while you’re doing it, if you’re trying to gain muscle. lift/eat/rest. this will give you the quickest gains (and likely most muscle mass).

goal is to first be able to do the indidvidual moves as fast as possible (20 pushups in 20 seconds or w/e) straight across the board (for all 8 sets)

then i add like 4lbs at a time wearing one of those weighted vests, all the way up to 84lbs.

then maybe… if its even possible, instead of doing the tabata method of 20secs on 10 secs off, i’d like to be able to do the excercise for a full 4min. this im not even sure is physically possible, cause thats like 240 moves of each while wearing an extra 84lbs.

the goal for phase 2 (the heavy bag) i dont have one… lol. wearing weighted wrists wont help. the vest wont help. i could try to hit as hard and fast as i can which i will, but i cant track progress off that.

phase 3 the hiit, i was thinking adding the vest to that when i can do 2 miles (which is no big deal at all and i could do straight running; but doing hiit dash and jog, iono) anyway, when i can do 2 miles dashing half the time and jogging half the time in 16 minutes, i was thinking about putting the vest on for that… however im not sure if that would be too much pressure on my joints, running like that with weight

any more opinions are welcome. for now, ill heed the advice to not limit strength gains, esp since i have a nack for matching up endurance real quick. it took me 3 tries to do hammer down endurance in under 25mins (no vest) but i diddn’t have one and still dont so i quit it.

annnnnnnnnnd one last thing i may be thin however according to strength coaches and powerlifting basis my numbers are 1/3 between intermediate and advanced. :stuck_out_tongue:'s+strength+standards&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us&client=firefox-a
gimmie till august. using 5x5, i add 2.5% per week (starting the week after next, damn warmup) so i squat 265 for 5, ill add 6 or 7 lbs till it hits 280, then straight 7, then 7 or 8, and so on.

yea that def needs a calorie surplus which is easy cause of my low weight

thought im still lazy: gallon of milk, 2 tuna fish sandwiches on whole wheat bread w/ 2tbps of hellmans mayo, 1 cup v8 essential amino acids, one cup v8 splash (mostly for phytochemicals) and 1 multi, i creatine, and some whey powder. or maybe weightgainer? for the sake of 5x5, i think i just now decided on weightgainer. cant live off it, but it can patch wholes.

i talk to mcuh. my other question was, if i run 2 miles on hiit dash/jog, would it kill my joints to progress with a weighted vest?
and no, i wont be doing this stuff till at least august…
(bench should be 280lbsx5 or so. i also put in 3-4 weeks off in case i need a reset.

Until you can at LEAST hit 3-4-5, I don’t think you should don anything except work on strength.

Too many people worry about the icing before they’ve baked the cake…