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Will This Help Me Get More Cut?

I am 25, 5.9' 160lbs, my BF% is 11.5. I like the size I have but I would not mind putting on an extra 5-10lbs of lean mass and also shedding a little bit of that BF. I am a fan of AS that have low sides effects internally and externally but with that I know comes less results which I can live with.

The cycle I want to do is a 10wK
400mg of EG wk
30mg of anavar ed

This will be very expensive and probably not give me the gains that winny or dbol or a test will but I can live with that.

My question is will this cycle make me more cut with proper training and diet of course and do i need to run any post cycle stuff.


Well, how about first examining your nutrition and workout, as I'm sure something could be improved there.


Diet, Diet, Diet.....


Personally, it sounds like you need to maybe examine your training some more and fix your nutrition, but how would I know that? How long have you been lifting? How strong are you (ie Bench, deadlifts, squats)? I could tell you right now, with what your thinking for a cycle, eq has a reputation for making you want to eat, which can be good if your trying to bulk. Running anavar for 10 weeks sounds pretty long too... You say your 11.2% bf? Come on, lets hear your numbers on the lifts, I want to know how strong you are BEFORE you start to juice...


its in your diet that makes your results. gear will just help by binding to the ar receptors and also preserving your hard earned muscle. you have to change your nutrition to achieve your goals though.


Some people find using just clen can help acheive these goals - I personally find that I gain a little muscle while using the clen (and drop bf), I also use it with my PCT.

Others don't like clen at all but I think like everything you have to find what works for you.

Post your training and nutrition so we can take a closer look at that first.


Sounds like you can reach your goals naturally.


You want to be a normal weight, so train correctly and eat when you are hungry and you should grow. Training correctly means focus on one goal (gain muscle) then focus on another goal (lose fat while keeping the muscle). So don't go run 5 days a week while doing sets of 12-15 reps on the leg extension and hope to put on 10lbs of muscle.

Focus on the basics (squats, bench, chins or rows) throw in a little assistance stuff (curls, shoulder press, good mornings), adjust to your ability to tolerate volume and reps (I do best on 8-12 sets or so for my entire workout and low-reps for my main lifts, you might be able to handle more sets or do better with a different rep scheme). Create a training log, count your daily calories if necessary and get there.

I think steroids are a good idea when you want something that is out of the reach of normalcy (huge lifts, massive amounts of muscle) but it seems that dedication and diet can get you pretty far out of the range of normalcy so make your own judgement on that one.


25...160 @ 5-9 @ 11%+ BF ?

no offense, but learn how to train, and eat properly first.

i started at the gym when i was 18..at 150lbs..didnt know a thing, and in 2 2/3 years i got to 230lbs 100% naturally.

now while my dedication might have rivaled yours, i am quite certain that you could attain 180 if you ate and trained properly.

the avatar picture to the left is me in my first show, 100% natural.

i decided to try a cycle 5 weeks ago after 10 years of natural training, and quite honestly its not all i expected. its not even close to a magic bullet. and from my experience, actually makes it more difficult to remain truly in-tune with my myo & biologic state.

Without knowing what to eat, when, training properly and allowing growth to occur (during rest), you will get no where - Steroids or Not.

Possibly hire a trainer to evaluate your whole "plan". Without a plan, you plan to fail.



Really? Juice? Have you considered just lifting weights and eating?


Got Milk?



Do these right and you will get your results without drugs.


Wow, I'm 5'7" 163 and I'm small and bulking and you want to diet?


I don't know anything about steroids, but I bet you could get the results you want just by diet, training and sleep. I bet it would be a lot cheaper, too. 25 @ 160??!! And 11% BF?? Are your priorities in proper perspective? What's wrong with 11%? 160? You need some muscle. I started at 160, and looking at those pics, I looked like a cancer patient. How about shooting for 180 using the tried and proven true method of eating?

But if you think AS will be your magic potion... we'll all be here when you wake up.


5'9" and 160 is small, grow some more first.


Will it help you? Absolutely. Should you do it? I'm with everyone else. NO. You should easily be able to add muscle and drop fat with proper training and nutrition at this point.