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Will This Give Me Any Size?


stanozolol 10mg/tab-200tabs, oxymetholone ih 50mg/tab-100tabs, metandrostostenolon 5mg akrihim-200tabs


i allso have tamoxifeb 10mg 60tabs




y is that


I don't think that just because they exist they will make you bigger. Try eating them.


Eating them? This forum is so full of shit advice.

You have to insert them into your rectum, clearly.


Ridiculous. I hear if wait for the first full moon of the month, build yourself a big fire, and throw them in, you'll blow up like crazy


so what u think sustonon 250 is any better


You could do that... if you were retarded.

You've heard of the creatine in the socks method right? Well give it a try with that lot, I personally guarantee you 27lbs of muscle in 6 weeks


Are these serious questions or are you just trying to make jokes?


If you haven't enjoyed these posts, try reading to the Cycle Proposal Guidelines sticky.



Take everything you have at once.


There should be a Too Unmanly To Use Injectables forum.


Come on guys, orals are the safe ones... Every one knows that


Just read other threads and you'll get a better idea of what to do.