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Will this Eating Plan Help Me Lose Weight?

I am planning on avoiding sugar not having too many carbs. Usually for breakfast I eat eggs and potatoes. For lunch I usually have some fruit (strawberries, bananas, etc.), and it really depends what I have for dinner, but usually I have chicken or pasta.

Sometimes I would have a small dessert, but not often.

I also work out around two times a week.

Is this a good plan to help me lose weight?

I don’t really see a plan


Fine, that can work

What happened to avoiding sugar and carbs?

Not trying to be a dick, but if you do want to go down the low carb/no sugar route some of the main things you’ll need to avoid are potatoes, pat and fruit.

Unless you want to get really lean though, anything that has you eating less than you do now will cause you to lose some fat. If you couple that with weight training and a moderate amount of cardio (walking, sprints, fucking whatever as long as it isn’t excessive) you’ll probably end up looking better too.


I think it works.

10 years on this site buddy?? -read some nutrition/diet articles off Tnation and try the one that resonates

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