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Will This Create a Shoulder Imbalance?


alright, so some "trainer" in a gym wrote me a program, i'm not sure how qualified he was.

for shoulders he gave me :

behind the neck pulldowns
palm-in one-arm DB Press
lateral Flies
bent over low-pulley side lateral

all of them are three sets of 12, 10, and 8 reps, while increasing weight in each set.

i took out the behind the neck pulldowns cause i dont believe in them. I put Hang Clean + Press instead.

so i did that yesterday. maaan did i feel pain. But when i got to the lateral flies, i started feeling a popping in my shoulder, which was minor and is gone now. the next day in the morning i felt a weird sensation whenever i raised my arms upwards and back, there was movement in the shoulders or something, like the little bone in the joint was being pulled back by the muscle on the back of the shoulder. i think. i dont remember how the pain went anymore.

the pain's gone now. maybe its just because i truly fried them yesterday.

but is this program acceptable, or will it create some type of shoulder imbalance or rotator cuff problem? i know nothing about these things.


Well, I see no external rotation in there so it may lead to an imbalance-especially if the rest of your program is done with the shoulders internally rotated. Your whole program needs to be looked at to decide whether or not its balanced. You also need to consider the loads you are using to determine if the program is balanced as well.
What is it your trying to improve with your shoulders or improve overall?


Why not replace behind the neck pulldowns with in front of the neck pulldowns instead?


If I understand correctly, lateral raises depress the humerus in the glenohumeral joint, possibly explaining the popping.

Somebody already said it, make sure you're doing external rotator work and row. Row more then you think you've ever needed to row before!


The fact he gave you a behind the neck exercise should pretty much negate any other info he gives you. Good for you for not doing them.

That just puts the shoulder in it's weakest position, abducted and externally rotated.


alright thanks everyone. What are examples of external rotators anyway?

I'll post all my chest, back and shoulder exercises. no need to post the arm and leg ones i think. hopefully you'll be able to tell me if i need to change anything or add any external rotator exercises:


Bench Press
Incline DB Press
very Wide Flies


Wide Grip Pulldowns
Pulldown w/ V-shaped handle
Seated row with V-shaped handle

(it originally didnt have deadlifts but instead had T-bar row as last exercise, I removed it and put deadlifts at the beginning. is that ok?)

while i was doing the wide grip pulldowns yesterday, i felt slight pain in my shoulders on the reverse movement when the handle was going back up, i felt the pain on the top of the shoulder muscle, as the weight was pulling my arms upwards.


Hang Clean + Press
Palm-in one-arm DB Press
Lateral Flies
Bent Over Low-Pulley Side Lateral

thanks everyone who replied and i hope you can help me out more now that i posted more detail. sorry took me a while to reply.


bump. cause i need to go workout my shoulders.



go work them