Will This Cardio Hinder My Bulking?

So I am still currently bulking right now as my other threads and posts would show. Well my friends are starting to play basketball again like we did last year. Well I am a pretty good basketball player and always have fun playing. My question is will this really hinder my bulking attempts?

My current stats are

6’1-6’2 been awhile since I measured
200lbs up from 180lbs
Final weight goal before cutting 220lbs or maybe a little more over.
And if it helps I am consider myself ectomorphic.

Thanks for your help everyone.

The only time cardio hurts mass gains is when it’s performed excessively.

If you’re training to be an endurance athlete or marathon runner you’ll definitely be fighting an uphill battle.

How many times per week will you play? Are there also practices?

Either way I don’t see it as being a problem. Your improved fitness levels will improve your insulin sensitivity and probably lead to you putting on more muscle and less fat.

Just remember to adjust your calories accordingly.

I think bulking will hinder basketball more then the other way around, unless you play for hours daily.

I can’t see this being a problem at all. Like zephead said, your basketball skills will be affected more than your weight lifting. Be prepared not to jump as high and for your shot to be off for a while.

If you eat more food, you’ll be fine.

The guys above me all it hit the nail on the head. I wouldn’t worry about it. If anything it might help reduce fat storage from the bulk.

Okay well today was the first day we actually played basketball. But I would say we play for right around an hour and I think we would be playing everyday to every other day. I have put on some fat since I first started my bulking unfortunately so if playing basketball as cardio will help me lose fat and make my look more lean all while still bulking, I would be all up for that! As for my bulk hindering my basketball skills I didn’t see it “toooo” much today maybe in the future though.