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Will These Ancillaries Limit My Gains

About to start first cycle (test only, thanks to you bros settin my shit straight). Being the virgin I am I’m perhaps overly cautious. Considering .5 mg eod of arimidex right from the start to battle the estrogen (gonna have nolva on hand just in case). Would this limit my gains or just the bullshit weight and size I’d experience from the extra water I might get with test without controlling estrogen?

Also considering Finasteride (Proscar) to protect from hair loss. Will this reduce my gains?

Come on guys someones got to have some opinions here. I’m looking to bulk and moneys not the problem I’m just wandering if I should go Nolva instead of Arimidex if the Arimidex will compromise my gains (beyond just limiting some of the bloat).

Re the finesteride if it’s reduction in DHT would limit my gains to any significant amount I’d probably opt to hold onto it unless I feel I’m really loseing lots of hair.

Need some input fast, these bottles of prop and enan are burnin a hole in my fuckin pocket. Everyday I wake up looking at these little jewels and I can’t wait to start pokin out my first cycle.

IMHO, the answer is no, at least not enough for you to worry about. Arimidex is a good idea for almost any cycle, as keeping estrogen in check is of utmost importance. I’ve used just nolva before on a test only cycle, and I did notice some more water retention than when I used arimidex. Some people might tell you that some estrogen is actually good during a cycle for the joint relief/lubrication, but I don’t put much stock in this. The majority of gains while you’re “on” will actually come from your kitchen, not the weightroom, so that’s what you need to focus on. I think the positives from using arimidex far outweigh the negatives. So you might miss out on 5-10 lbs. of water weight with the a-dex, big deal! Who wants water weight anyway? Lift big, eat extra protein at all times of the day, and I seriously doubt that you’ll be disappointed with your gains.

Good luck with your first cycle bro!

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The proscar I once used and believe it or not it killed my sex drive and I was using 600-800 mg of prop and 40mg of d ball a day. My girlfriend had a short term break but I canned the proscar, it really made me feel like shit, so yeah for me it would have limited the gains of the cycle because I couldn’t stand the effect of libido loss especially on a cycle. I sure made up for it after though ha! ha! ha! I would keep the other ancillaries consider yourself lucky to even have access to them and the ability to afford them.

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Based on my own preclivaties, no.You will not have as much water retention.To me its just a cleaner gain.Thats me though.


My opinion is that arimidex may be harsher on you than taking letrozole @ 1.25 mg eod.

You will sacrifice some of the gains you might make, but I think they are negligible compared to the risk of gyno.

Glad to see you going test only. Looking back - I should have taken the same route.